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  Palestine   - the Roman province of Judaea
Wikipedia entry
301/27 Ptolemy seizes control of Palestine and Coele Syria, and Seleucus
274/16 Ptolemy leads a military expedition to (?) Palestine.
218/36 captures several towns in Palestine, and then attacks and captures
200/5 The Egyptian general Scopas invades Palestine.
103/9 Cleopatra expels Ptolemy Lathyrus from Palestine.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_453 Antipater of Ascalon to govern Palestine. He forced the
ExcBarb_47B Antipater of Ascalon to govern Palestine. At that time,
Festus:Brev.14 and Judaeans were conquered in Palestine. In the end, und
Hieron:Chron_1950 of Ascalon, to be governor of Palestine. 178.4 . [1952]
THI_16 (c. 264)   reached Persia { or Palestine}, finding the gods of
THI_17 (217)   which were found [in Palestine] he caused to be tr
Joseph:AJ_13.180 went over all Judaea and Palestine, as far as Ascalon, and
Malal_197 king of Syria, Babylonia and Palestine. [198] Seleucus
Malal_198 yria, all of Asia, Babylon and Palestine, for 43 years.
Malal_206 ews came to Antioch from Palestine and asked Antiochus to
Malal_224 Tower to Caesareia of Palestine, and king Archelaus cha

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