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  Seleucids   - the Hellenistic rulers of Syria
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  + Seleucid
311/7 The start of the Seleucid Era.
247/10 The Parthians gain independence from Seleucid rule.
126/9 gains independence from the Seleucids; beginning of the Tyrian era.
64/25 ochus Asiaticus as king of Syria: the end of Seleucid rule in Syria.
63/80 killed by the Arabs but Philippus, another Seleucid prince, escapes.
57/41 going to Egypt; regarded by some as the end of the Seleucid dynasty.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_31 the Macedonians and the Seleucids, after being subject
Athen_5.193 the Syrians, being one of the Seleucids. And Polybius say
Joseph:AJ_12.246 of the kingdom of the Seleucids, he took the city witho
Joseph:AJ_12.363 year of the dominion of the Seleucids. So he made engin
Joseph:BJ_01.99 the last of the race of the Seleucids. Alexander was
RC_75 ption: A.D. 17/18 (Seleucid Era 329) : Hestiaeus treas

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