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  Ariarathes   I - king of Cappadocia; killed in 322 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
322/10 Perdiccas defeats and kills Ariarathes of Cappadocia, and appoints
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_1   iccas also made war upon Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia,
Just_13.6   eantime, making war upon Ariarathes, king of the Cappadoci
Lucian:Macr_13   other writers say. Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia, lived
Oros_3.23   hand, declared war against Ariarathes, the king of the
Plut:Eum_3   to the Macedonians, for Ariarathes was king of them; but

  Ariarathes 2   II - king of Cappadocia, 301-282 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
282/32 Ariarathes II expels the Macedonians and regains control of Cappadoci

  Ariarathes 3   III - king of Cappadocia, 255-220 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Ariamenes
254/7 The accession of Ariarathes III of Cappadocia.
244/1 Antiochus II are given in marriage to Ariarathes and Mithridates.
227/10 Antiochus takes refuge with Ariamenes, but moves on after learning
219/14 Ariarathes III gains control of Cataonia.

  Ariarathes 4   IV Eusebes - king of Cappadocia, 220-163 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
219/15 The accession of Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia.
193/6 marriage to Ptolemy and Ariarathes, but Eumenes refuses to marry
188/4 Ariarathes enters into alliance with Rome.
182/20 Envoys from Eumenes, Ariarathes, Pharnaces, and Philippus, and from
179/2a Inscr_46, a decree of Cos in honour of Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia.
    Within translations:
Just_29.1   appadocia, the father of Ariarathes, yet a boy, had resign
Oros_4.20.30   of Egypt; and finally, Ariarathes of Cappadocia, Eumenes of

  Ariarathes 5   V Eusebes Philopator - king of Cappadocia, (?) 163-130 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
163/8 The accession of Ariarathes V.
163/12 embassy from Ariarathes obtains the renewal of the alliance betwee
163/17 assies investigate the dispute between Ariarathes and the Galatians.
162/4 Ariarathes rejects Artaxias' plan to seize Sophene.
160/17 embassy from Ariarathes of Cappadocia brings a crown as a symbol
158/2 Orophernes drives Ariarathes out of Cappadocia.
158/11 Ariarathes arrives in Rome after his expulsion from Cappadocia.
157/2 Ariarathes and his opponents compete for the support of the Romans.
157/4 Ariarathes escapes a plot against his life on his journey back from
157/8 Ariarathes defeats Orophernes, and regains control of Cappadocia.
155/8 Orophernes, the brother of Ariarathes, plots against Demetrius.
154/8 Ariarathes of Cappadocia attacks Priene.
130/13 Death of Ariarathes V.
129/21 Laodice murders the sons of Ariarathes.
    Within translations:
1Macc_15   king and to Attalus and Ariarathes and Arsaces, 23 and
Just_35.1   gly, being incensed with Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia,
Just_37.1   Phrygia; to the sons of Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia,
Just_38.2   cia, was the son of that Ariarathes who had fallen in the
OGIS_351   (c. 155-154)   . [B] . . . [Ariarathes] besieged the city [of Prie
Oros_5.10   of Pontus and Armenia, Ariarathes of Cappadocia and Pylaemenes
Syll_666   (before 162)   alos and Ariarathes of Sypalettos dedi

  Ariarathes 6   VI Epiphanes Philopator - king of Cappadocia, (?) 130-116 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
115/4a Ariarathes VI of Cappadocia is murdered by Gordius, allegedly at the
    Within translations:
GranLic_30 married Nysa, the daughter of Ariarathes king of Cappadoc
Just_38.1 Laodice, (whose husband Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia,
Just_38.2 ather's, pretending that Ariarathes had not had two sons
Malal_207 of Laodice, the daughter of Ariarathes, king of the Cap
Memn_22 hes was the son of Ariarathes and of the sister of Mithrid

  Ariarathes 7   VII Philometor - king of Cappadocia, (?) 116-101 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
101/11 Mithridates murders Ariarathes and installs his own son as king of
    Within translations:
Just_38.1 When the young Ariarathes understood his intention,

  Ariarathes 8   VIII - king of Cappadocia, (?) 97 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
97/4 Ariarathes VIII is forced out of Cappadocia by Mithridates, and dies
    Within translations:
Just_38.2 ing, who was also called Ariarathes, from Asia where he

  Ariarathes 9   IX Eusebes Philopator - king of Cappadocia, (?) 101-87 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_38.1 giving him the name of Ariarathes, and appointing Gordiu

  Ariarathes 10   X Eusebes Philadelphos - king of Cappadocia, (?) 42-36 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
ValMax_9.15e.2   was known for certain that Ariarathes had been been slain by

  Ariarathes 11   - son of Artaxerxes II of Persia
Just_10.1 ten in lawful wedlock, Darius, Ariarathes, and Ochus. Of

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