322 B.C. Olympiad 114.3

Consuls: Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus, L. Fulvius Curvus
Athenian archon: Philocles

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1 GRE {16 Poseideon -G = December/January} Document: Syll_310, an Athenian decree in honour of Euphron of Sicyon.
1a {? Poseideon -G = December/January} Document: IG_2³.379, an Athenian decree in honour of Apollonides of Sidon.
2 << A saying of Phocion, about the success of Leosthenes as Athenian general against the Macedonians.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Phoc_23'1-4, :Mor_188'D-E, 546'A, 803'A-B.
2a MAC Leosthenes allows the Aetolians in his army to return home.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Diod_18.13'4; Suda_A'2704.
3 Leosthenes is killed, while attacking Lamia.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Diod_18.13'4-6; Strab_9'434;(5.10)  Paus_1.25'5; Just_13.5'12-13; Oros_3.23'16; Suda_L'276; { OCD_l.}
4 GRE Document: Hyper_6, Hypereides' Funeral Oration in honour of Leosthenes and the Athenians who died with him.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mor_486'D, 849'F; { CAH.7.1'493; Errington_p17.}
4a EXT << Pithon suppresses a revolt by settlers in the eastern satrapies.
Diod_17.99'6, 18.4'7-7'9; Trog:Prol_13; { CAH.7.1'30.}
4b THR << Lysimachus fights against Seuthes in Thrace.
Diod_18.14'2-4; Arrian:Fr_1'10.
5 CYR << Cyrene renews the war against Thibron, who attacks the city with an army of mercenaries.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Diod_18.20'1-21'5; Strab_17'837;(3.21)  Arrian:Fr_9'16-17.
5a ASI << Document: Syll_311, an decree of the Coarendians in Caria.
5b << Diodorus of Ephesus, who is due to stand trial before Perdiccas, is freed by his brothers.
6 Eumenes decides to leave Leonnatus, and joins Perdiccas.
Nepos_18.2'4-5; Plut:Eum_3'6-11.
7 GRE Phocion persuades the Athenians not to invade Boeotia, and defeats the Macedonians near Rhamnus.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Phoc_24'1-25'4, :Mor_188'E, 791'E-F, 819'A; Polyaen_3.12'1; { OCD_p.}
8 MAC Leonnatus joins the Macedonian army in Thessaly, but he is killed in a battle against the Greek army.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.14'4-15'7; Strab_9'434;(5.10)  Plut:Phoc_25'4-5; Paus_3.6'1, 7.6'6; Arrian:Fr_1'9; Just_13.5'14-15; Oros_3.23'16; { CAH_7.1'32; Errington_p16; Anson_ix=323/2.}
9 AEG Cleitus, the commander of the Macedonian fleet, decisively defeats the Athenians near Amorgos.
* Read Plutarch's account
@  (?) SEG_16.60'A; +MarmPar_B'9; +Diod_18.15'8-9; Plut:Demetr_11'4, :Mor_338'A; { CAH_7.1'32; Errington_p16.}
10 CAP Perdiccas defeats and kills Ariarathes of Cappadocia, and appoints Eumenes to be governor of the region.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.16'1-3; Trog:Prol_13; Plut:Eum_3'12-14; Appian:Mith_8; Arrian:Fr_1'11; Lucian:Macr_13; Just_13.6'1; Oros_3.23'17; { CAH_7.1'34; Errington_p18-19.}
11 MAC Craterus brings another Macedonian army to join Antipater in Thessaly.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.16'4-5; Arrian:Fr_1'12; { CAH_7.1'32; Errington_p16.}
12 ITA The dictator A.Cornelius (or one of the Roman consuls) defeats the Samnites.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_8.38'1-40'5; Zonar_7'26;(p255)  { CAH_7.2'369.}
13 SIC << Agathocles helps to defend Rhegium, when it is attacked by Sostratus and Heracleides.
~Diod_19.4'2; { CAH_7.1'387.}
13a EGY << Ptolemy kills Cleomenes, the previous governor of Egypt.
14 CYR Ophellas, the general of Ptolemy, defeats Thibron and gains control of Cyrene.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'10; +Diod_18.21'6-9; Strab_17'791,(1.5)  '837;(3.21)  Polyaen_8.70'1; Arrian:Fr_9'17-19; Athen_6.230'e; Just_13.6'18-20; { Hölbl_p14-15; Anson_ix.}
15 GRE ?? Phryne removes her clothes while Hypereides is defending her in court.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Hyper:Fr_B'30; Plut:Mor_849'E; Quint_2.15'9; Alciphr_4'3-5; Athen_13.590'c-591'f.
16 << Document: Dem:Or_56, "Against Dionysodorus", a speech attributed to Demosthenes. { OCD_dem.}
17 ?? Sayings of Aristotle, addressed to Antipater and others.
* Read Diogenes' account
ValMax_7.2e'11; Plut:Mor_503'A-B; Aelian:VH_9'23, 14'1; Vit:Arist_VM'42;
18 ++ Aristotle has many pupils, including Theophrastus and Aristoxenus.
* Read Gellius' account
Cic:Acad_1'17, :Fin_4'3, :Tusc_1'41; Plut:Mor_803'C; Gell_4.11'4; Vit:Arist_VM'44; Suda_A'3929.
19 ++ General comments on the character of Aristotle, the founder of the Peripatetic school of philosophy.
* Read Diogenes' account
Cic:Acad_1'18, :Fin_5'7, :Tusc_3'9; Plut:CatMai_29'5; DiogLaert_5'1, '16, 10'8; AnthPal_2'16-22.
20 The death of Aristotle, at Chalcis in Euboea.
* Read Diogenes' account
!MarmPar_B'11; DionHal:Amm_1'5; Strab_10'448,(1.11)  13'608;(1.54)  Plin:HN_35'162;L  Gell_17.21'35; DiogLaert_5'6, +'10; Vit:Arist_VM'10, '18; Censor:DN_14'16; Suda_A'3929; { CAH_7.1'493; OCD_a.}
21 CIL Perdiccas attacks the Isaurians, who commit suicide to avoid being captured.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.22'1-8; Just_13.6'1-3; Oros_3.23'17.
22 MAC {7 Metageitnion -G = Aug./Sept.} The Macedonians defeat the Greek army near Crannon in Thessaly.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.17'1-5; Plut:Phoc_26'1, #:Dem_28'1, #:Cam_19'8; Paus_7.10'4; Arrian:Fr_1'12; Just_13.5'16-17; FGrH_255'10; { CAH_7.1'32; Errington_p16.}
23 The Thessalians and other Greek states come to terms separately with the Macedonians.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.17'6-8; Plut:Phoc_26'1.
24 ROM {September -R} According to some accounts, the Romans appoint a dictator to officiate at the Ludi Romani.
25 GRE The Athenians send Xenocrates and Demetrius of Phalerum as envoys to Antipater and Craterus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Demetr:Eloc_289; Phld:Acad_7,B  8;B  DiogLaert_4'9; { OCD_x.}
26 The Athenians pass a sentence of death on Demosthenes, Hypereides and their leading supporters, who have already fled from the city.
* Read Nepos' account
Nepos_19.2'1-3; Plut:Phoc_26'2; :Dem_28'2, :Mor_846'E, 847'D, 849'A; Arrian:Fr_9'13; Suda_A'2703, '2704, D'456; { OCD_d.}
27 {20 Boedromion -G = Sept./Oct.} The Athenians surrender to Antipater, and a Macedonian garrison is installed in Munychia.
* Read Plutarch's account
+MarmPar_B'10; Phld:Acad_7-8;B  Nepos_19.2'2; +Diod_18.18'1-8, 20.46'3; DionHal:Din_9; #Plut:Phoc_26'3-28'7, #:Dem_28'1, #:Cam_19'10, :Mor_188'E-F; Paus_1.25'2, 7.10'4-5; Arrian:Fr_124; Suda_I'53; { CAH_7.1'32.}
28 A property qualification is introduced at Athens, disenfrachising many of the poorer citizens.
* Read Diodorus' account
Phld:Acad_8;B  Diod_18.18'4-5, 66'4-6; Plut:Phoc_27'5, 28'7, 32'3.
29 Antipater sends Archias to capture the Athenian exiles.
* Read Pausanias' account
Polyb_9.29'2-4; Paus_1.8'3; Arrian:Fr_9'13-14; Lucian:DemEn_28, 31; Athen_12.542'e.
30 ROM The Romans refuse to discuss peace terms with an embassy from the Samnites.
* Read Zonaras' account
Appian:Sam_5;(↓↓)  DioCass_fr.36'8; Zonar_7'26.(p255) 
32 GRE ?? A saying of Hypereides, when he was accused by the Athenian people of being too severe.
33 ++ General comments on the character and eloquence of Hypereides.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mor_849'D-F, 850'A-B.
34 {9 Pyanepsion -G = Oct./Nov.} Hypereides is captured by Archias on the island of Aegina, and is put to death by Antipater.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Phoc_29'1, #:Mor_849'B-C; Lucian:DemEn_31; Suda_U'294, '339; { CAH_7.1'32; OCD_h.}
35 ++ Demosthenes performs regular exercises to improve the delivery of his speeches.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:DeOr_1'260-261, :Fin_5'5; :Div_2'96; Quint_11.3'54, '68, '130; Plut:Dem_11'1-2;
36 ?? Demosthenes refuses to pay the price demanded by the courtesan Lais.
* Read Gellius' account
Gell_1.8'3-6; Macrob:Sat_2.2'11.L 
37 ?? Demosthenes receives a bribe from some Milesian envoys, to prevent him from speaking against them.
* Read Gellius' account
Plut:Mor_848'B; Gell_11.9'1-2.
38 ?? Demosthenes takes pride in being recognised by an old Athenian woman.
Cic:Tusc_5'103; Plinius:Ep_9.23'5.
39 ?? Demosthenes says that delivery is the most important part of public speaking.
* Read Quintilian's account
Cic:DeOr_3'213; ValMax_8.10e'1; Quint_11.3'6-7.
40 ?? Demosthenes tells a story about the shadow of an ass, after the Athenian refuse to let him make a political speech.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mor_848'A-B; Suda_U'327.
41 ?? Other sayings of Demosthenes, addressed to Demades, Phocion, and others.
* Read Plutarch's account
ValMax_7.3e'5; Plut:Phoc_5'9, 9'8, :Dem_8'4-5, 11'2-3, 11'5-6, :Mor_6'D, 188'A, 526'A, 803'C-D, 'E;
42 ++ General comments on Demosthenes, an outstanding orator and a determined opponent of the Macedonians.
* Read Quintilian's account
Cic:Tusc_4'44; Quint_12.1'14-15; Plut:Dem_9'3-11'4, 13'1-14'3, :Cic_50'6, 52'6; :Mor_804'A, 847'E-848'C; Gell_1.5'1; Athen_13.592'f-593'a; Aelian:VH_7'7, 9'17; AnthPal_2'23-31; Suda_D'454.
43 {16 Pyanepsion -G = Oct./Nov.} Demosthenes commits suicide on the island of Calauria, to avoid being captured.
* Read Plutarch's account
Strab_8'374;(6.14)  Juvenal_10'126-128; Plut:Phoc_29'1, #:Dem_28'1-30'4, :Cic_54'1; :Mor_846'D-847'B, 851'C; Paus_1.8'3, 2.33'3; Lucian:DemEn_28-50; +DiogLaert_5'10; Suda_D'454, '456; { CAH_7.1'32; OCD_d.}
44 CAP Eumenes recruits a local cavalry force of over 6,000 men.

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