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  Murcus   (L. Staius Murcus) - Roman praetor, 45 B.C.
  + Murcius
44/95 Bassus defeats Murcus, the general sent against him by Caesar.
42/28 Murcus destroys a fleet carrying further reinforcements to Antonius
41/2 Murcus and Domitius join Sextus Pompeius, along with the remains
39/4 Sextus Pompeius distrusts Murcus, and has him killed.
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_12.11 Syria to join the generals L.Murcus and Q.Crispus. When
Cic:Fam_12.12 the claims of the commanders, Murcus and Crispus. As for
Joseph:AJ_14.270 out into a great length, Murcus came from Rome to take Sex
Joseph:AJ_14.272 brought over both Bassus and Murcus to his party. He the
Joseph:AJ_14.279 him: [279] this was when Murcus was president of Syria;
Joseph:AJ_14.280 rer; for now Cassius and Murcus had got together an army,
Joseph:BJ_01.217 a considerable length, Murcus came out of Italy as succe
Joseph:BJ_01.219 ation between Bassus and Murcus, and the legions which wer
Joseph:BJ_01.224 Antipater, who dissuaded Murcus, the then president of Syr
Joseph:BJ_01.225 the other, Cassius and Murcus got together an army out
Polyaen_8.24.7 eet under the command of Murcius was stationed at an islan

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