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  Phraates   I - king of Parthia, 176-171 B.C.
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175/5 eath of Phriapitius, and accession of Phraates I as king of Parthia.
170/8 The Parthian king Phraates defeats the Mardi, and settles them at Cha
    Within translations:
Just_41.5 sons, Mithridates and Phraates, of whom the elder, Phra

  Phraates 2   II - king of Parthia, 139-129 B.C.
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  + Arsaces
138/18 The death of Mithridates I of Parthia and accession of Phraates II.
130/9 ccompanied by Hyrcanus of Judaea, defeats Phraates in three battles.
129/1 Negotiations between Antiochus and Phraates break down.
129/2 Phraates releases Demetrius.
129/5 Antiochus VII is defeated and killed by Phraates.
129/6 Phraates captures the Syrian army, along with Seleucus the son of Ant
129/7 Phraates punishes the inhabitants of Seleuceia.
129/26 Scythian invasion prevents Phraates from invading Syria.
128/3 for greed and cruelty, after Phraates appoints him to be viceroy
128/7 The defeat and death of Phraates of Parthia in battle against the Scy
    Within translations:
Athen_10.439   on war in Media against Arsaces, was very fond of drinkin
Athen_12.540   ochus, who made war upon Arsaces, and invaded Media, he
Diod_33.18   ground. [18] &   Arsaces king of the Parthians, being
Diod_33.28   trius who had been captured by Arsaces. [28a] & Tryphon,
Diod_34.15   ork of agriculture; when Arsaces, to probe the enemy, sent
Diod_34.18   vation. [18] &   Arsaces, king of the Parthians, after
Diod_34.19   ought low. [19] & Arsaces, king of the Parthians, was ang
Euseb]:Chron_255   tern regions, to fight against Arsaces. In the next year,
Euseb]:Chron_257   im, was captured by king Arsaces and was kept in royal sty
Hieron:Chron_1889   of Syria] again, for 4 years. Arsaces of Parthia killed
Joseph:AJ_13.185   assist him in fighting against Arsaces, the king of the
Joseph:AJ_13.186   which he fought against Arsaces, and lost all his army,
Joseph:AJ_13.253   ochus joined battle with Arsaces, the king of Parthia, he
Just_38.9   to Babylon. But Phraates, who had succeeded Arsacides,
Just_38.10   It was then that Phraates sent Demetrius into Syria, wit
Just_42.1   the Parthians. Phraates, in consequence, marching agai
Malal_208   rittane, the daughter of Arsaces the Parthian who had atta
Oros_5.10   with the Parthian king, Phraates, and was defeated. Though
Poseidon_11   .K] & Athen_10.539'd-e & Arsaces comments on the hard drin

  Phraates 3   III - king of Parthia, 70-58 B.C.
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  + Arsaces
68/5 Mithridates writes to Arsaces of Parthia, asking for his assistance
68/5 ssistance against the Romans, but Arsaces decides to remain neutral.
66/9 ith Mithridates, and makes a pact with Phraates the king of Parthia.
66/22 revolt by his son, who receives assistance from Phraates of Parthia.
65/16 quest from the Parthian king Phraates for a treaty, and sends Afraniu
64/7 Phraates, the king of Parthia, invades Armenia but later on agrees
57/23 Phraates, king of Parthia, is murdered by his sons.
    Within translations:
Memn_38 to the Parthian [king] Phraates, offering to yield Mesop
Plut:Mor_204 their manners. & Phraates, king of Parthia, sent to him
Sall:Hist_4.67 letter of Mithridates to Arsaces: ] & &   King Mithridat

  Phraates 4   IV - king of Parthia, 37-3 B.C.
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37/2 Phraates kills Orodes and succeeds him as king of Parthia.
37/19 Phraates kills Antiochus of Commagene.
31/19 Tiridates rebels against Phraates, and establishes himself as king
30/43 Octavianus negotiates an agreement with Phraates of Parthia.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_15.14   brought into Parthia the king Phraates treated him after a very
Joseph:AJ_15.18   persuaded him to request of Phraates, and the Jews that were
Just_42.4   most cruel of them all, Phraates by name, should be fixed
Just_42.5   their king. [42.5] Phraates immediately proceeded to kill
ValMax_7.6.6   father: when it seemed that Phraates king of the Parthians was

  Phraates 5   V - king of Parthia, 3 B.C. - 3 A.D.
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  + Arsaces
Festus:Brev.19 rtain Donnes, whom Arsaces had put in command of the Parth

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RC_75 Arsaces to Antiochus and Phraates the two archons in

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