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  Eleazar   - Jewish high priest, early 3rd century B.C.
287/7 Eleazar becomes Jewish high priest.
280/3 Jewish Bible into Greek, and sends gifts to the high priest Eleazar.
280/4 Eleazar sends seventy Jewish scholars to assist Ptolemy, who holds
    Within translations:
Aristeas_1 history of my visit to Eleazar the High priest of the
Aristeas_33 letter to be written to Eleazar on the matter, giving als
Aristeas_35 salutation to the High Priest Eleazar. Since there are
Aristeas_41 ll.' [41] To this letter Eleazar replied appropriately as
Aristeas_50 tenth tribe, Jeremiah, Eleazar, Zachariah, Baneas, Elish
Aristeas_83 ccount of our journey to Eleazar, but I will first of all
Aristeas_96 astonished, when we saw Eleazar engaged in the ministrati
Aristeas_112 igression because it was Eleazar who pointed out with grea
Aristeas_123 observe how they loved Eleazar by their unwillingness
Aristeas_126 now being sent to him by Eleazar undoubtedly possessed the
Aristeas_172 earning. [172] And Eleazar, after offering the sacrifice,
Aristeas_174 to him the letter written by Eleazar. The king was very
Aristeas_184 upon one of our number, Eleazar, the oldest of the Jewish
Aristeas_320 with the escort he sent Eleazar ten couches with silver
ChronPasc_421 attle. [Ol. 116.1] Eleazar became the 8th high priest at
ChronPasc_425 Simon, the brother of Eleazar, who was high priest at
ChronPasc_464 of Jaddus, for 21 years. 8. Eleazar, for 15 years. In
ChronPasc_509 high priest for 21 years. 8. Eleazar was high priest for
ChronSynt_95 years Simon for 11 years Eleazar for 32 years Manasses for
ExcBarb_35B high priest at Jerusalem was Eleazar. After Philopator,
ExcBarb_47A Onias the son of Jaddus. Then Eleazar the son of Onias.
Hieron:Chron_1729 nia, for 7 months. Eleazar the brother of Simon took over
Hieron:Chron_1736 pt, and sent votive vessels to Eleazar the high priest at
Hieron:Chron_1763 1760 in Ar.] After Eleazar, his uncle Manasses became high
Joseph:AJ_* 12.40-45 * should be drawn up for Eleazar, the Jewish high priest,
Joseph:AJ_12.51 the king was brought to Eleazar, he wrote an answer to
Joseph:AJ_12.57 elders who were sent by Eleazar, and carried the law, whi
Joseph:AJ_12.85 there. But when Eleazar the high priest had devoted the
Joseph:AJ_12.88 these that were sent by Eleazar; [89] but as the old men
Joseph:AJ_12.97 to him, whose name was Eleazar, who was a priest, and
Joseph:AJ_12.117 them he sent to Eleazar the high priest ten beds, with
Joseph:AJ_12.157 priest; [157] for after Eleazar's death, his uncle Manass
Joseph:AJ_12.158 which Simon was the brother of Eleazar, as I said before.

  Eleazar 2   - a Jewish martyr in the persecution by Antiochus Epiphanes
166/3 Eleazar is put to death for refusing to eat unclean meat.
    Within translations:
2Macc_6 efly with the story. 18 Eleazar, one of the scribes in
4Macc_1 for the sake of virtue, Eleazar and the seven brothers
4Macc_* 5-9 * een rounded up, one man, Eleazar by name, leader of the
4Macc_16 you stood and watched Eleazar being tortured, and said
4Macc_17 endless life. 13 Eleazar was the first contestant; the
Malal_206 inhabitants]; he took Eleazar the high priest of the

  Eleazar 3   - the brother of Judas, killed by an elephant in battle
Wikipedia entry
1Macc_2 das called Maccabaeus, Eleazar called Avaran, and Jonath
1Macc_6 ing's army fell. 43 And Eleazar, called Avaran, saw that
Joseph:AJ_12.266 called Maccabaeus, and Eleazar, who was called Auran,
Joseph:AJ_12.373 when his brother Eleazar, whom they called Auran, saw
Joseph:AJ_12.374 the elephant fell upon Eleazar, and by his weight crushe
Joseph:BJ_01.42 battle, Judas's brother Eleazar, seeing the very highest
Joseph:BJ_01.44 proved to be Antiochus, Eleazar had performed nothing mor

  Eleazar 4   - the father of Jason, a friend of Judas
1Macc_8 os, and Jason the son of Eleazar, and sent them to Rome
Joseph:AJ_12.415 hn, and Jason the son of Eleazar, and by them desired the
Joseph:AJ_12.419 and by Jason the son of Eleazar, when Judas was high prie

  Eleazar 5   - a Pharisee, who criticised Hyrcanus
Joseph:AJ_13.291 there, whose name was Eleazar, a man of an ill temper,
Joseph:AJ_13.293 told Hyrcanus that Eleazar had cast such a reproach upon

  Eleazar 6   - guardian of the temple money at Jerusalem, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.106 ures, and whose name was Eleazar, that gave him this beam,
Joseph:AJ_14.108 known to no others; but Eleazar alone knew it; [109] yet

  Eleazar 7   - a Jewish priest during the reign of Ptolemy Philopator
3Macc_6 [6] Then a certain Eleazar, famous among the priests of

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