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  Eurydice 2   - daughter of Amyntas; wife of Philippus Arrhidaeus
Wikipedia entry
321/18 lls Cynane, but her daughter Eurydice is given as wife to Arrhidaeus.
317/5 Eurydice appoints Cassander regent in place of Polyperchon.
317/7 edonia with help from Olympias, and captures Philippus and Eurydice.
317/11 Olympias kills Philippus, and forces Eurydice to commit suicide.
316/28 Cassander arranges for the burial of Philippus and Eurydice.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9   Adea (afterwards called Eurydice) to Asia and offered her
Athen_4.155   them Cynna the mother of Eurydice, and had paid them all
Athen_13.560   hat between Olympias and Eurydice; in which Olympias advan
FGrH_155.1   killed Arrhidaeus and his wife Eurydice. Then Cassander
FGrH_155.2   until he and his wife Eurydice were cruelly killed by
Just_14.5   In the meantime Eurydice, the wife of king Aridaeus,
Oros_3.23   29 In the meantime Eurydice, the wife of the Macedonian
Polyaen_8.60.1   an only daughter named Eurydice: to whom she gave a mili

  Eurydice 3   - daughter of Antipater; wife of Ptolemy I
Wikipedia entry
319/1 Ptolemy marries Eurydice, the daughter of Antipater.
279/32 The city of Cassandreia is granted its "freedom" by Eurydice.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_235 us, the son of Lagus and Eurydice the daughter of Antipate
Polyaen_6.7.2 east in commemoration of Eurydice, who had restored libert
Vit:Arat_3 son of Ptolemy Soter and Eurydice. Ptolemy became

  Eurydice 4   - daughter of Lysimachus; wife of Antipater
Just_16.2 aw, and put his daughter Eurydice, who had joined with him

  Eurydice 5   of Athens - wife of Demetrius I Poliorcetes
Wikipedia entry
Plut:Demetr_46 from Lysimachus. Eurydice, the sister of Phila, received
Plut:Demetr_53 and by his last wife Eurydice, he is said to have had

  Eurydice 6   - wife and sister of Ptolemy IV, king of Egypt
Just_30.1 put to death his wife Eurydice, who was also his sister
Just_30.2 years old, by his sister Eurydice; but his death, while

  Eurydice 7   - the wife of Amyntas III of Macedonia
Wikipedia entry
Just_7.4   eral. By his wife Eurydice he had three sons, Alexander,
Just_7.5   by a plot of his mother Eurydice, whom Amyntas, when she
Nepos_11.3   for after his death Eurydice, the mother of Perdiccas
Oros_3.12   was murdered by his mother Eurydice who, although she had already

  Eurydice 8   - the mother of Opheltes
AnthPal_3.10 her punishment at the hands of Eurydice for the death of

Eurydicesee Cleopatra8

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