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  Harpalus   - son of Machatas; a Macedonian who fled to Athens in 324 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
324/14 Harpalus attempts to propagate Greek plants in Mesopotamia and Media.
324/15 Harpalus constructs a magnificent funerary monument for Pythionic&#$27
324/16 Harpalus summons Glycera to be his mistress, after the death of Pythi
324/24 Harpalus arrives in Athens with a large amount of money; he is later
324/28 into claims that leading Athenians accepted bribes from Harpalus.
324/31 Harpalus is murdered in Crete, and Thibron takes control of his force
323/4 taking some of the money brought by Harpalus, and goes into exile.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9   author also relates how Harpalus, who during,the lifetime
Athen_6.245   eceived that goblet from Harpalus - [246] "This man," said
Athen_13.586   who was the mistress of Harpalus; concerning whom Theopom
Athen_13.594-596 *   good. [67.] And Harpalus the Macedonian, who robbed Ale
DionHal:Din_10   hilocles, concerning the Harpalus affair: "What must one
DionHal:Din_11   the refusal to surrender Harpalus to Alexander: "It is not
Hieron:Chron_1691   113.3 . [1691] [1688 in Ar.] Harpalus fled to Asia. 113.
Just_13.5   arge of taking gold from Harpalus (a man who had fled from
Philoch_163   63] & Plut:Mor_846'A-B & Harpalus brings a large sum of
Phld:Sto_2   they were unjust, such as Harpalus and Philetaerus, who were impious
Plut:Mor_179   himself. & When Harpalus, on behalf of Crates his kinsm
Plut:Mor_846-850 *   xpedition into Asia, and Harpalus fled to Athens with a
Plut:Phoc_21   ovice amongst us?" When Harpalus had treacherously carrie
Plut:Phoc_22   After the death of Harpalus, Charicles and Phocion took
Poseidon_14   66.K] & Athen_13.594'e & Harpalus builds an extravagant

  Harpalus   - in documents
Syll_459 (248/7)   e letters: [A] Demetrios to Harpalos, greeting. The
Syll_636 (178)   os From king Perseus: Harpalos of Beroia, the so
THI_60 (285/4)   es to Limnaios son of Harpalos as a patrimonial pos

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