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  Lysippus   of Sicyon - Greek sculptor, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
323/24 two official artists, the sculptor Lysippus and the painter Apelles.
316/29 eia on the site of Potideia: Lysippus designs a special kind of vesse
315/33 Chares learns the art of sculpture as a pupil of Lysippus.
315/34 Lysippus acknowledges the "Doryphoros" of Polycleitus as his model
315/35 General comments on the art and character of Lysippus.
315/36 Lysistratus the brother of Lysippus develops a technique of taking
146/36 Metellus, who brings back some statues by Lysippus from Macedonia.
    Within translations:
Athen_11.784 And they say that Lysippus the sculptor, wishing to grati
Cic:Brut_296 the Servilian Law, as Lysippus said he had done by stud

  Lysippus 2   - Achaean general, 202 B.C.
202/_ Achaean General: Lysippus

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