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  Nicolaus   - Egyptian general, 3rd ecntury B.C.
218/18 Antiochus defeats the Egyptian general Nicolaus near Sidon.

  Nicolaus 2   of Damascus - Peripatetic philosopher and historian, 1st century B.C.
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64/43 The birth of Nicolaus of Damascus.
46/99 Nicolaus of Damascus is given a thorough education by his father Anti
34/22 The death of Antipater, the father of Nicolaus of Damascus.
Autobiography,- NICOLAUS OF DAMASCUS, Autobiography
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_79   Strabo the Cappadocian, Nicolaus of Damascus, Timagenes,
Athen_4.153   nking parties. But Nicolaus of Damascus, one of the philos
Athen_6.249   ains any injury." &# But Nicolaus of Damascus,- and he was
Athen_6.252   ive of Chalcedon." [61.] Nicolaus, in the hundred and four
Athen_6.261   serious man. And Nicolaus in the twenty-seventh book of
Athen_6.266   suffered. &# But Nicolaus the Peripatetic, and Poseidoni
Athen_6.274   who subdued Mithridates, as Nicolaus the Peripatetic
Athen_8.332   very audible sound." And Nicolaus of Damascus, in the hund
Athen_10.415   house. [9.]   And Nicolaus the Peripatetic, in the hundre
Athen_12.543   by him." [61.] &# And Nicolaus the Peripatetic, in the
Athen_13.593   his partner in the kingdom, as Nicolaus of Damascus tells
Athen_14.652   the fruit, and because Nicolaus of Damascus, who was his
Athen_15.682   of the wolf lykos And Nicolaus of Damascus, in the hundred
DiogLaert_10.4   seidonius the Stoic, and Nicolaus, and Sotion, in the twel
Joseph:AJ_12.126   under the patronage of Nicolaus of Damascus; for Agrippa
Joseph:AJ_12.127   books of the history of this Nicolaus. Now as to this
Joseph:AJ_13.250   the Parthians; of which Nicolaus of Damascus is a witness
Joseph:AJ_13.347   both Strabo and Nicolaus [of Damascus] affirm, that the
Joseph:AJ_14.9   It is true that Nicolaus of Damascus says, that Antipat
Joseph:AJ_14.68   mong them, to Strabo and Nicolaus [of Damascus]; and besid
Joseph:AJ_14.104   to Crassus. Now Nicolaus of Damascus, and Strabo of Cap
Joseph:BJ_1.574   he had previously pleaded against Nicolaus. There was also a grave
Joseph:BJ_1.629   impossible, and he signalled to Nicolaus, one of his friends, to
Joseph:BJ_1.637   [637] Thereupon Nicolaus, as ordered by the king,
NicDam_T2   oot from the philosopher Nicolaus, the instructor of Herod
NicDam_129.36   of the history of Nicolaus of Damascus and of the life
NicDam_130.139   aesar and the history of Nicolaus of Damascus ]
NicDam_131-138 *   Antipater, the father of Nicolaus, gives his son a careful

  Nicolaus 3   - a king of the Acarnanians, who contested with Alexander
PsCallisth_1.18 met by a man named Nicolaus, a fine young fellow, a prince
PsCallisth_1.19 four were sons of kings, Nicolaus, Xanthias the Boeotian,

  Nicolaus   - in documents
CIL_1.683 opio, freedman of Lucius . . . Nicolaus, freedman of L
CIL_1.688 Marcus Marcus Consius Nicolaus, freedman of Marcus
SEG_36.1218 (243/2)   75 the Gods Adelphoi, Nikolaos son of Kolis and Her
Syll_461 (254-244)   Phaineas, Kleupatros, (?) Nikolaos, . . . Kallixe
THI_61 (early 2nd cent.)   of Apollodotos and Nikolaos son of P...ides, and
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   of Apollodotos and Nikolaos son of P...ides, and th
THI_94 (c. 266-260)   s, Machon, Petraios, Nikolaos, Nikanor, ...atinos B

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