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  Philadelphia   - a village in Fayyum, Egypt
DARE (map)
257/15a tition to Apollonius from the farmers of his estate at Philadelphia.
256/17 PLoeb_1.39, a lease of land at Philadelphia.
    Within translations:
PCairZen_59106   required for house-building at Philadelphia. Apollonios
PCairZen_59107   ntative of Apollonios at Philadelphia, he took over the
PCairZen_59125   tracts and receipts written at Philadelphia. The present
PCairZen_59132   was now established at Philadelphia , and Symbotes was
PCairZen_59145   perhaps have lived at Philadelphia, but the writers of
PCairZen_59156   to stock his new orchards at Philadelphia. The shoots
PCairZen_59160   remind him about the work at Philadelphia. Write to me
PCairZen_59168   the laying-out of the town of Philadelphia. The text show
PCairZen_59169   preceding letter that Philadelphia was practically foun
PCairZen_59199   over the beer-shop in Philadelphia, paying 12 artabas
PCairZen_59225   Apellaios 5. Addressed} & To Philadelphia. To Zenon.
PCairZen_59254   administer the oath to them in Philadelphia. Will you kind
PCairZen_59308   who was the real creator of Philadelphia. Zenon to Axat
PCairZen_59467   , that they were to come to Philadelphia and work ten
PCairZen_59470   the produce of the estate at Philadelphia. Molossos to
PLond_1967   ourai. People from Philadelphia attacked them, [chasing
PSI_341   the glory of the city {Philadelphia} as well as of the
PSI_393   the chief of police of Philadelphia, by Samoēlis
PSI_502   to be present in Philadelphia on the 16th of Phamenoth
SelPap_1.20   Artemisia, of the village of Philadelphia. I wish to
SelPap_1.56   other, of the village of Philadelphia in the Arsinoite
SelPap_1.112   . {Addressed} To Philadelphia, to Epimachus from A
SelPap_1.95A   (240) . Addressed   To Zenon, Philadelphia.
SelPap_2.254   resent in the village of Philadelphia in the divisio
SelPap_2.266   (mid 3rd cent.)   rom Harentotes, lentil-cook of Philadelphia. I give
SelPap_2.275   (2nd cent)   ates, village scribe of Philadelphia, from Hermon s
SelPap_2.281   ollector of poll-tax for Philadelphia, and Charidemus,
SelPap_2.288   esence at the village of Philadelphia in the divisio
SelPap_2.291   of Pasei, of the village of Philadelphia. There is
SelPap_2.325   bought in the village of Philadelphia the four-fifth p
SelPap_2.382   aid at the toll-house of Philadelphia the tax for the
SelPap_2.395   eavers of the village of Philadelphia, for themselves

  Philadelphia 2   - a city to the east of the river Jordan; the modern Amman
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
134/16 Ptolemy kills the mother of Hyrcanus and escapes to Philadelphia.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.235 then the tyrant of the city Philadelphia. [236] But Ant
Joseph:BJ_01.60 led Cotylas, who was tyrant of Philadelphia. [61] And now
Joseph:BJ_01.129 retired out of Judaea to Philadelphia, as did Scaurus retu
Joseph:BJ_1.380 pitched his camp about Philadelphia, near the enemy, and

  Philadelphia 3   - a city in Asia Minor
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
108/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Nicomachus of Philadelphia
62/7 The beginning of the era of Philadelphia.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_453 The inhabitants of Philadelphia count their era from this
Euseb]:Chron_211 B.C.] - Nicomachus of Philadelphia, stadion race 169th
Euseb]:Chron_215 years later, and Tryphon of Philadelphia won the stadio
Hieron:Chron_2034 Aegae, Hierocaesareia, Philadelphia, Tmolus, Temus, Cyme

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