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  Serapeum - the temple of Serapis in Memphis
Wikipedia entry
163/4a SelPap_271A, a petition from Harmais, a recluse in the Serapeum.
162/8a Pap_271B, a petition from twins serving at the Serapeum in Memphis.
    Within translations:
AET_2.6   Dreams in the Serapeum at Memphis.
AET_4.20   (?) guardian 10 of the Serapeum, servant of the god Ptah
SelPap_2.271B   (163) a recluse in the great Serapeum for over four years now,
SelPap_2.271C   (B.C.) who minister in the great Serapeum at Memphis, on a former

  Serapeum 2   (Sarapeium) - temples of Serapis in Alexandria and other places
Wikipedia entry
  + Sarapeium
AET_5.5   in the Osirieion the Sarapieion of Rakoti and the Anubieion
CPI_12   Royal temple dedication deposits from the Sarapieion.
PHaun_6   tue] of him stood in the Sarapeium, [wonderfully] fashione
PsCallisth_1.33   sought also the Sarapeion in accordance with the oracle
SelPap_1.69   received from you at the Serapeum by Oxyrhynchus thr
SelPap_1.77   farms the bank at the Serapeum by Oxyrhynchus I
SelPap_1.79   isors of the bank at the Serapeum by Oxyrhynchus, for
SelPap_1.186   . 4 ob.; for the Serapeum 2 ob.; pure bread for the
SelPap_2.324   in the Campus near the Serapeum by the city of Oxyrh
SelPap_2.406   36 obols. For the Serapeum beer-shop at 13 obols per
Syll_663   (c. 200)   was necessary that a Sarapeion of his own be set up

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