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  Sosibius   of Laconia - a grammarian, 3rd century B.C.
246/7 les the far-fetched grammatical explanations of Sosibius of Laconia.
    Within translations:
Athen_11.493   {85.}   "Now Sosibius, who is clever at solving
Athen_14.621   of comic diversion, as Sosibius says, not regarded as
Athen_14.635   Olympiad [ 676-673 B.C. ], as Sosibius tells us in his
Athen_14.646   orus tells us. And Sosibius asserts the same thing, in the
Athen_14.648   substantive pyanion, as Sosibius tells us, means a collec
Athen_15.674   wear garlands of reeds, as Sosibius tells us in his treatise
Athen_15.678   garland by the Lacedaemonians, as Sosibius tells us in his treatise
Athen_15.690   a man named Plangon. And Sosibius says the same in his

  Sosibius 2   of Tarentum - captain of the bodyguard of Ptolemy II
Aristeas_12 had often laid before Sosibius of Tarentum and Andreas,
Aristeas_19 asks of us!' [19] Then Sosibius and some others who were
Joseph:AJ_12.18 of the king's guards, Sosibius of Tarentum, and Andreas
Joseph:AJ_12.25 st, Aristaeus?" [25] But Sosibius, and the rest that stood

  Sosibius 3   - chief minister of Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy IV
Wikipedia entry
256/8 Sosibius wins the boys' race at the Ptolemaea.
220/9 Sosibius plots against Theodotus of Aetolia, the Egyptian general in
219/4 puts Cleomenes under house arrest, at the instigation of Sosibius.
202/2 Sosibius, the associate of Agathocles, enjoys a good reputation despi
201/9 Ptolemy V, despite the opposition of Ptolemy son of Sosibius.
    Within translations:
Plut:Cleom_* 33-35 * of affairs." And when Sosibius, the king's principal
Zenob_3.94 hamber, and handed her over to Sosibius to guard. When she

  Sosibius 4   - a wealthy senator of Antioch during the reign of Augustus
ChronPasc_472 rmoil in the East. Sosibius says that at this time a cetai
ChronPasc_473 rse races. [473'A] Sosibius also says that Augustus was
Malal_224 ibed. At this time Sosibius, a senator of Antioch, came

  Sosibius   - in documents
OGIS_50 (c. 269-246)   os. The steward Sosibios shall give the money for
OGIS_51 (c. 269-246)   ysos; and the steward Sosibios shall give the money
PCairZen_59368 copy of the letter that Sosibios wrote to Zenodoros about
Syll_405 (277)   ians: Phoi..., (?) Sosibios Dorians: Bryas, Alex
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   port her own father Sosibios and her mother Soso

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