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  Bruttium   - a region in the extreme south-west of Italy
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  + Bruttian , Bruttians , Bruttii
317/29 Croton make peace with the Bruttii, and defeat a group of exiles
297/12 The Bruttii attack Agathocles by night at Ethae, and force him to ret
294/20 The Bruttii defeat the garrison left behind by Agathocles.
293/14 Agathocles attacks the Bruttii and captures Hipponium.
281/15 The triumph of Fabricius, over the Samnites, Lucani, and Bruttii.
278/33 ates a triumph over the Lucanians, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samnites.
276/1 The triumph of Brutus, over the Lucanians and Bruttii.
275/1 triumph of Fabius Gurges, over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttii.
272/1 iumph of Claudius Canina, over the Lucanians, Samnites, and Bruttii.
272/14 Papirius seizes part of Bruttium, and captures Tarentum.
272/31 triumphs, over the ? Samnites, Lucanians, Bruttii, and Tarentines.
210/8 Civil dissension at Tisia in Bruttium.
206/11 ravage the countryside of Bruttium, but takes no direct action aga
204/19 Indecisive fighting in Bruttium between Hannibal and Sempronius.
202/24 The Romans punish the Bruttii for their support of Hannibal.
193/2 colonies are founded at Thurii and in the territory of the Bruttii.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_6.132   These their shields the Bruttians threw from their doomed
Athen_5.208   ong the mountains of the Bruttii, and was discovered by
CIL_6.37048   quered the Lucanians and Bruttii and celebrated] a se
Diod_37.2   were left remaining in Bruttium, attempted to capture
Ennius:Ann_543   and Lucilius write - a Bruttian speaking two languages
FastTr_p97   over the Samnites, Lucani and Bruttii,] 3 non.Mart. (5th
FastTr_p98   (II), & over the Lucani, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samnites,
FastTr_p99   [Lucani, Samnites] and Bruttii, [...] [270/69] & [Cn.]
Hieron:Chron_1969   simultaneously in Etruria and Bruttium, but were suppress
Just_12.2   assistance against the Bruttians, had gone thither as
Just_17.3   ied in Italy in a war with the Bruttii. 16 On the death
Just_18.1   a defender against the Bruttii, or to have less spirit
Just_23.1   enemies there were the Bruttii, who, at that period, see
Just_23.2   news of his arrival, the Bruttii, alarmed at his name, sen
Oros_3.18   overcome and killed by the Bruttians and Lucanians after he had
Oros_3.22   >283 B.C. the Lucanians, Bruttians, and Samnites made an
Oros_6.6   by Bibulus and among the Bruttii by Cicero.
Plin:HN_3.38   of the Alps. After the Bruttii comes the coast of Magna
Plin:HN_3.72   begins the coast of the Bruttii, with the town of Blanda,
Plin:HN_3.98   only inland community of the Bruttii are the Aprustani, but in
Polyaen_8.14.3   ssed the affections of a Bruttian, to whom Hannibal had
ValMax_1.6.9   in the country of the Bruttii, by his death he caused
ValMax_1.8.6   lasting memory? When the Bruttians and Lucanians with most
ValMax_5.1e.6   in the territory of the Brutii, while with more eagerness than

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