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  Onnophris   (Wennefer)   - a common epithet of Osiris, 'the good/happy/perfect one'
AET_1.10   have your body, O King Onnophris l.p.h. ;
AET_1.11   you love; O you justified Onnophris, come to your sister, come
AET_4.10.A   pure Ihy priests of Wennefer, justified May his face
AET_5.2   King of the Gods Osiris Wennefer, justified the ruler of the
AET_5.7.A   Says Osiris, dweller in Imentet, Wennefer, the great god, the prince
AET_9.2.E   He is the image of Onnophris, the justified the sacred image
THI_258   (c. 264)   illustrious issue of Onnophris, who lasts like

  Onnophris   - in documents
51/20a dication by the chief priest Onnophris at the start of Cleopatra's
    Within translations:
SelPap_1.13 Thamounis daughter of Onnophris, and Ptolemaeus so
SelPap_1.21 The Aurelii Onnophris son of Aminonius
SelPap_1.7 guardian her step-father Onnophris son of Onnophris
SelPap_2.248 Marsisouchus, Panesis son of Onnophris, and Panesis
SelPap_2.316 rom Teos, younger son of Onnophris son of Teos, his mo
SelPap_2.329 Anoubas, Papis son of Onnophris, Panomieus son of A
SelPap_2.372 of wheat, Pacheus and Onnophris 411/24 artabae of w

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