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  Aegina   - an island in the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea.
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  + Aeginetan , Aeginetans
322/34 by Archias on the island of Aegina, and is put to death by Antipater
264/3a Syll_440, a decree of Delphi in honour of Timomachus of Aegina.
229/20 The Aeginetans and Arcadians join the Achaean League.
210/1a The Aetolians capture Aegina and sell it to Attalus for thirty talent
138/11 OGIS_329, a decree of Aegina in honour of Cleon of Pergamon.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_51   Ph'226 , & P'2729 & & An Aeginetan is maimed in the temple
Aelian:NA_10.41   upolis ended his days in Aegina and was buried there, and
Arrian:Fr_9   ius of Phalerum, fled to Aegina, and, while there, were
Athen_6.267   dice with loaves, & And Aeginetan cakes & Of barley well
Athen_6.272   the Constitution of the Aeginetans, says that the Aeginet
Athen_11.502   the people of Argos and Aegina passed a law that no
Athen_12.544   a considerable time in Aegina, indulging in every kind
Athen_13.566   agle, as he did in the case of Aegina. And Socrates the
Athen_13.588   spend whole days with her in Aegina, at the festival of
Athen_13.589   book of his History of Aegina, says that Periander fell
Athen_13.595   lishment of harlots from Aegina to Athens; so that she was
Athen_15.689   the best is procured in Aegina and Cilicia. Some, again, are
Callim:Epigr_20   hen sailing as a merchant from Aegina. And he in the wet
Demetr:Eloc_288   answers; `they were in Aegina.' Everything that precedes
Euseb]:Chron_217   173 A.D.] - Agathopus of Aegina, stadion race 239th [177
Euseb]:Chron_225   rians - for 15 years The Aeginetans - for 10 years Up unti
Nicand:Al_490   romenean, also that from Aegina, and all those which parti
OGIS_281   (c. 210)   -fruits of the revenue from Aigina to Athena. &r
Plin:HN_4.57   Fifteen miles from Pityonesus is Aegina, a free state, which is
Plin:HN_34.8   front of the bronze of Aegina and that of Delos which
Plin:HN_34.10   A bronze ox looted from Aegina stands in the cattle-market at
Plin:HN_34.11   {6.}   [11] Aegina specialized in producing only the
Plin:HN_34.75   made of bronze compounded at Aegina; and with it he made
Plin:HN_35.122   of Paros. Also Elasippus of Aegina has inscribed on a picture
Plut:Arat_34   hed. Upon this the Aeginetans and Hermionians joined the
Plut:Demetr_33   relief, appeared before Aegina; but the encouragement it
Plut:Mor_186   Athenians to demolish Aegina, as a dangerous eyesore
Plut:Mor_207   he wrote to them from Aegina: I suppose you know I am
Plut:Mor_846   ity, and fled first into Aegina, that he might take sanctu
Plut:Mor_849   the same condemnation to Aegina; where meeting with Demost
Polyaen_1.30.6   ring the war against the Aeginetans, Themistocles opposed
Polyaen_4.7.5   fter Demetrius had taken Aegina and Salamis in Attica, he
Polyaen_5.14.1   with which they set sail for Aegina. Hippias, the elder
Simonid_16.2   the city of his noble fathers {Aegina}. * & i.e. he had
Syll_1168.B   (late 4th cent.) dog cured a boy from Aigina. He had a growth on
Syll_337   (c. 285-247)   ver . . . Malians : . . . Aiginetan talents, .
Syll_424   (256/5 or 254/3)   yers: Deinon of Aigina, the son of Herakleides ; Ni
Syll_629   (182)   ysios, [Theolytos] of Aigina the son of Ariston and
Syll_642   (c. 174-159)   ointed as governor of Aigina by king Eumenes, has c
THI_100   (c. 200)   ing each man with one Aiginetan drachma for each da
THI_190   (c. 306) of Demeas: since Polos of Aigina, son of Sosigenes, in previous
ValMax_9.2e.8   of the young men of Aegina; so that a people with

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