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  Leontini   - a city in eastern Sicily
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  + Leontine , Leontines
319/14 Agathocles captures Leontini with an army from Morgantina.
304/13 Agathocles massacres the inhabitants of Leontini.
214/17 Hieronymus is assassinated at Leontini.
214/27 The Romans capture Leontini.
71/41 pronius despoils the territory of Aetna, Leontini, and other cities.
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_3   people laugh at Gorgias of Leontini for calling Xerxes the "Persian
Apollod:Fr_33   8'58 (Empedocles) & Gorgias of Leontini. [34] & DiogLaert_
Athen_12.548   these men is Gorgias of Leontini; of whom the same Clearc
Cic:Brut_30   ed,- such as Gorgias the Leontine, Thrasymachus the Chalce
Cic:DeOr_1.103   speak? [103] This Gorgias of Leontini is said to have first
Cic:DeOr_3.129   [129] Even Gorgias of Leontini himself, under whose advocacy
Diod_36.7   as the territories of Leontini, mustered his army there
Just_22.2   oth took the city of the Leontines, and proceeded to besie
Philoch_127   ips to Sicily, to bring aid to Leontini. Philochorus and
Plin:HN_33.83   set up by Gorgias of Leontini in the temple at Delphi
Plut:Mor_834-837 *   the Corinthians sent the Leontines and Egestians to the
Polyaen_5.2.1   same men with his troops at Leontini, and cut them all
Polyaen_5.3.2   Agathoces had defeated Leontini, he sent his general Dei
Polyaen_5.4.1   Hipparinus was at Leontini, he heard that Syracuse had
Polyaen_5.5.1   ians from Euboea against Leontini, and made himself master
Polyaen_5.5.2   ever he became master of Leontini, he would offer sacrific
Polyaen_5.47.1   was appointed general of Leontini, in a war against Megara
ValMax_8.13e.2     Also Gorgias also of Leontini, the teacher of Isocrates and
ValMax_8.15e.2   [15e.2]   Gorgias of Leontini so far excelled all persons

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