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  Lilybaeum   - a city on the west coast of Sicily
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276/3 Pyrrhus prepares to attack Lilybaeum.
276/11 Pyrrhus abandons the siege of Lilybaeum.
253/3 The Roman consuls are repulsed at Lilybaeum.
250/5 Hasdrubal advances from Lilybaeum, to Panormus.
250/13 The Romans besiege Lilybaeum by land and sea.
250/14 The Carthaginian commander Himilco foils a plot to betray Lilybaeum.
250/15 nnibal the son of Hamilcar arrives at Lilybaeum with reinforcements.
250/16 The Romans drive back a Carthaginian sally at Lilybaeum.
250/17 Hannibal sails from Lilybaeum to Drepana.
250/18 Rhodian" slips through the Roman blockade and sails into Lilybaeum.
250/19 The Carthaginians burn down the Roman siege works at Lilybaeum.
249/2 builds new sea-barriers at Lilybaeum, but they are destroyed by the
249/11 Carthaginian admiral Carthalo attacks the Roman fleet at Lilybaeum.
241/7 able to see ships leaving Carthage from a view-point near Lilybaeum.
218/23 Sempronius defeats the Carthaginian fleet at Lilybaeum.
218/38 Sempronius makes preparations at Lilybaeum.
204/18 Scipio crosses from Lilybaeum to Africa, and lands at Pulchri Promunt
149/11 summoned by Manilius to Lilybaeum, but returns home when it appe
82/34 iston of Massilia and Diodorus of Lilybaeum, with Roman citizenship.
82/44 M.Brutus commits suicide at Lilybaeum.
72/45 aecilius obstructs Agonis of Lilybaeum, when she claims to have been
47/67 Caesar joins his army at Lilybaeum, to prepare for the invasion of
47/68 Caesar sails from Lilybaeum, and reaches Africa near Hadrumetum.
    Within translations:
Diod_36.5   rritories of Segesta and Lilybaeum were likewise infected
Naev:Pun_36   beginning of the long siege of Lilybaeum in 250; and the
Naev:Pun_48   [48] The siege of Lilybaeum? {book V?) : PRISCIANUS : 'Ac
Naev:Pun_49   Relief brought to Lilybaeum by Hannibal in 250 B.C.? (boo
Oros_4.9   came from Africa to Lilybaeum with one hundred and
Oros_4.10   time 250 B.C. proceeded to Lilybaeum with a fleet of two
ValMax_1.8e.14   Carthage, from the promontory of Lilybaeum in Sicily.

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