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  Rutilius   (P. Rutilius) - tribune of the plebs, 169 B.C.
169/19 The tribune P.Rutilius brings the censors to trial.
169/31 The censors review the equites again, and punish P.Rutilius.
ValMax_6.5.3   they had ordered his relative Rutilius to pull down a wall

  Rutilius 3   (P. Rutilius) - tribune of the plebs, 136 B.C.
136/8 The tribune P.Rutilius tries to prevent Mancinus from entering the
Cic:DeOr_1.181   for, as an example, Publius Rutilius, the son of Marcus, when

  Rutilius 4   (P. Rutilius Rufus) - Roman consul, 105 B.C.
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134/12 attacks Pallantia, where he rescues Rutilius Rufus from an ambush.
134/19 P.Rutilius improves his knowledge of the law by regularly listening
118/15 P.Rutilius, as praetor, introduces a new procedure in cases of bankru
116/11 unsuccessfully prosecutes P.Rutilius after the consular elections.
105/_ Consuls: P. Rutilius P.f. Rufus, Cn. Mallius Cn.f. Maximus
105/17 Rutilius improves the training of his army.
94/6 in the Roman administration of Asia, with the help of P.Rutilius.
92/3 P.Rutilius is found guilty of extortion, though widely believed to
88/32 Rutilius escapes from Mytilene to Smyrna.
81/69 Rutilius is invited back by Sulla, but refuses to return from exile.
78/28 ince of Asia, where he meets Rutilius and listens to the rhetoric of
76/32 Rutilius carefully obeys the regulations of the Lex Fannia, by keepin
    Within translations:
Athen_4.168   cause of banishment to Rutilius who wrote the history
Athen_6.274   uintus Aelius Tubero and Rutilius Rufus being the other
Athen_12.543   uxury and effeminacy, as Rutilius tells us; for as to Apic
Cic:Brut_110   join C. Curio, M. Scaurus, P. Rutilius, and C. Gracchus.
Cic:Brut_113   rable pleader. But Rutilius was distinguished by his solem
Cic:Brut_116   demanded. [116] Rutilius, therefore, was an orator of
Cic:Brut_118   Fannius,- not so much in Rutilius;- but none at all in Tub
Cic:Brut_85-89 *   remember that P. Rutilius Rufus once told me at Smyrna,
Cic:DeOr_1.227   as the divinest eloquence, Publius Rutilius Rufus, ** a man of
Cic:DeOr_2.280   aptness. As when Scaurus accused Rutilius of bribery, (at the time
Cic:Rep_1.13   and to me by Publius Rutilius Rufus, when we were spending
Cic:Rep_1.17   his own couch. Publius Rutilius, who later reported the
CIL_1.698   and the consulship of Publius Rutilius and Gnaeus Mal
Diod_37.5   Asia, he chose Quintus Rutilius, the worthiest of his
FastCap_p72   Cn.f. Cn.n. Caepio [105] & P. Rutilius P.f. . . Rufus ,
GranLic_1   B.C. BOOK 26 [1] Rutilius relates that the consuls and
GranLic_12   nones of October. Rutilius Rufus says that at least 70,00
GranLic_14   year.] [14] The consul Rutilius, the colleague of Malliu
Oros_5.17   plebs blocked its passage. 12 Rutilius also, a man of great
Plin:HN_7.158   among women Livia wife of Rutilius exceeded 97 years, Statilia a
Syll_712.E   son of Gaius, Publius Rutilius, son of Publius, Quintus
ValMax_2.3.2   to the soldiers by P. Rutilius the consul, the colleague of
ValMax_2.10.5   the authority of Publius Rutilius. When he withdrew into
ValMax_6.4.4   words or deeds of P. Rutilius, for there is an admirable
ValMax_8.13.6   Livia the wife of Rutilius lived for ninety-seven years,

  Rutilius 5   (C. Rutilius Rufus) - an adherent of Scaevola, late 2nd century B.C.
Cic:Brut_147 ard of him from C. Rutilius, whose company I frequented

  Rutilius 6   (P. Rutilius Nudus) - Roman quaestor,73 B.C.
71/38 an inscription in honour of P.Rutilius Nudus, from Aegium in Achaea.
Oros_6.2   engaged in battle with P. Rutilius near Chalcedon; he and the

  Rutilius 7   (Q. Rutilius) - Roman quaestor, 44 B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.219 quaestors, when Quintus Rutilius and Caius Cornelius were

  Rutilius   - in documents
CIL_1.1005 land, Rome. Lucius Rutilius Artemidorus, freedman of L
CIL_1.359 CIL_1 .359 Gaius Rutilius; someone on
CIL_1.360 CIL_1 .360 Publius Rutilius. Bronze tab

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