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  Polyperchon   - Macedonian regent, 319-316 B.C.
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  + Polysperchon
320/11 The Aetolians invade Thessaly, but are forced out by Polyperchon.
319/18 The death of Antipater, who is succeeded as regent by Polyperchon.
318/3 an Athenian decree, in response to a recommendation by Polyperchon.
318/8 Asia to seek help from Antigonus for a war against Polyperchon.
318/9 Polyperchon announces his support for democracies in the Greek states
318/10 Polyperchon invites Olympias to return to Macedonia.
318/11 Polyperchon and Olympias appoint Eumenes to be commander of the Maced
318/16 Alexander the son of Polyperchon arrives in Attica; Polyperchon hands
318/29 attacks the island of Salamis, but is forced back by Polyperchon.
318/30 Polyperchon fails to capture Megalopolis.
318/32 completely overwhelms the fleet of Polyperchon in the Hellespont.
317/4 Cassander invades Macedonia and expels Polyperchon.
317/5 Eurydice appoints Cassander regent in place of Polyperchon.
317/7 Polyperchon reoccupies Macedonia with help from Olympias, and capture
316/3 Callas, the general of Cassander, corrupts the army of Polyperchon.
316/30 Polyperchon escapes to Aetolia.
315/15 sent by Antigonus to the Peloponnese, and gives help to Polyperchon.
313/13 Polyperchon criticizes Xenocrates for recommending a friend who is
310/27 Polyperchon sets up Heracles as a pretender to the Macedonian throne.
309/4 put to death after Cassander and Polyperchon come to an agreement.
303/8 Pyrrhus praises Polyperchon as a general.
303/9 Polyperchon's drunken dancing in his old age.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9   aeus, and Alexander the son of Polysperchon. He made his
Athen_4.155   his Histories, says that Polysperchon, though a very old
Euseb]:Chron_159   he was killed in Macedonia by Polysperchon the son of Ant
Euseb]:Chron_231   son of Barsine) by prompting Polysperchon. Cassander cas
FGrH_155.1   hile Antipater died, and Polysperchon took over as guardia
Just_12.10   despair of it, he sent Polysperchon with the army to Bab
Just_12.12   sent away the old men, Polysperchon, Clitus, Gorgias,
Just_13.6   Athenians, had appointed Polysperchon to govern Greece and
Just_13.8   fled to Antipater and Polysperchon, and persuaded them
Just_14.5   when she learned that Polysperchon was returning from
Just_15.1   rother, with Eumenes and Polysperchon, and other leaders
Nepos_19.3   party sided with Polyperchon, the aristocrats with
OGIS_4   (317)   in]. And when Polyperchon [crossed over] to Asia,
Oros_3.23   22 In that battle Polyperchon was killed while Neoptolemus
Oros_3.23.30   slaughter of Perdiccas, Alcetas, Polyperchon, and a number of
Plut:Demetr_9   Alexander, the son of Polyperchon, a celebrated beauty,
Plut:Eum_12   mosities between Cassander and Polyperchon. He now bade
Plut:Eum_13   At the same time, Polyperchon and king Philippus sent him
Plut:Mor_184   was the better piper, Polysperchon, said he, is the bes
Plut:Phoc_31-33 *   his death, had appointed Polyperchon general, and made Cas
Polyaen_4.6.8   confronted the fleet of Polysperchon, which was commanded
Polyaen_4.11.2   were with the government of Polysperchon. On reading
Polyaen_4.11.3   Olympias was shut up; Polysperchon dispatched a sloop
Polyaen_4.14.1   became the pursuers. [14] Polysperchon. Polysperch
RC_1   (311) th him the matter of Polyperchon might be arranged more quick

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SEG_45.1556 (175-150)   of Zoïlos son Polyperchon, having held the pri

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