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  Sardinia   - an island in the Mediterranean Sea
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  + Sardinian , Sardinians
262/3 The Carthaginians send an army to Sardinia.
259/18 ads an expedition against Corsica and Sardinia, and captures Aleria.
258/1 triumph of L.Scipio, over the Carthaginians, Sardinia, and Corsica.
258/7 is defeated by Sulpicius in Sardinia, and then killed by his own tro
258/14 The triumph of C.Paterculus, over the Carthaginians and Sardinia.
240/31 The mercenaries seize Sardinia.
238/13 declare war on the Carthaginians, after a dispute about Sardinia.
238/14 The Carthaginians cede Sardinia to the Romans.
235/4 T.Manlius subdues Sardinia.
235/7 from making war on Carthage because of the dispute over Sardinia.
234/1 The triumph of T.Manlius, over the Sardinians.
234/10 Romans conduct military campaigns in Liguria, Corsica, and Sardinia.
233/3 The triumph of Carvilius, over the Sardinians.
232/2 The triumph of M'.Pomponius, over the Sardinians.
232/6 The Roman consuls join together to suppress resistance in Sardinia.
231/7 The Romans suppress further rebellions in Sardinia and Corsica.
225/12 Another revolt in Sardinia is suppressed by the Romans.
215/23 The Carthaginians foment a revolt in Sardinia.
215/33 T.Manlius defeats the rebels in Sardinia.
203/17 rus defeats Mago, who later dies of his wounds at sea near Sardinia.
198/23 Cato as praetor clears up corruption in Sardinia.
178/9 The provinces of Sardinia and Istria are allotted to the new consuls.
177/4 Gracchus defeats the Sardinians.
176/2 achieve further victories in Sardinia and Liguria; Claudius recapture
175/14 The triumph of Ti.Gracchus, from Sardinia.
163/32 Gracchus puts down a rebellion in Sardinia.
126/6 Orestes subdues the Sardinians.
126/7 C.Gracchus takes part in the fighting in Sardinia, as quaestor.
124/1 racchus returns to Rome from Sardinia, and defends his conduct before
122/15 The triumph of L. Aurelius Orestes, over the Sardinians.
111/5 triumphs on the same day, from Sardinia and Thrace respectively
103/13 ucius is convicted of extortion, following his return from Sardinia.
82/20 L.Philippus wins over Sardinia for Sulla.
77/16 Lepidus escapes to Sardinia.
77/24 Triarius fights against Lepidus in Sardinia.
66/2 an opportunity to govern the province of Sardinia, as propraetor.
56/2 ic:QFr_2.2, a letter from Cicero to his brother Quintus in Sardinia.
55/54 alleged plot against Bostar by M.Scaurus, as propraetor in Sardinia.
54/16 M.Scaurus returns to Rome from Sardinia.
49/40 Q.Valerius take control of Sicily and Sardinia, on behalf of Caesar.
46/40 Caesar sails for Sardinia, after settling affairs in Africa.
46/41 Caesar leaves Sardinia, and sails back towards Rome.
40/25 Sextus Pompeius, makes more raids on Italy, and occupies Sardinia.
38/5 deserts from Sextus Pompeius, and hands over Sardinia to Octavianus.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2225 co. A marble pedestal found in Sardinia. Not earlier
CIL_1.2226 onze base of a column found in Sardinia. Trilingual
CIL_1.364 Faliscan cooks in Sardinia. Bronze plate.
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   a storm on his return from Sardinia in 259 B.C.
DioCass_fr.46 eace, restore to us both Sardinia and Sicily; for with the
Diod_34.24 his return from Sardinia, the people went out to meet
Ennius:Ann_239 btains Corsica and Sardinia : SERVIUS auctus : By 'box'
Ennius:Ann_242 [242-3] & Rome obtains Sardinia (238 B.C.) : NONIUS :
Exsuper_* 39-42 * his army and escaped to Sardinia, from where he reduced
FastTr_p100 sul, & over the Carthaginians, Sardinia and Corsica, 5 id.
FastTr_p101 Torquatus, consul, & over the Sardinians, 6 id.Mart. (10t
FastTr_p103 (II), proconsul, & from Sardinia, Terminalia (23rd Februa
FastTr_p106 .n. Orestes, proconsul, & from Sardinia, 6 id.Dec. (8th
Festus:Brev.4 Metellus conquered Sardinia and Corsica; he celebrated a
Just_12.13 pains, Sicily, Gaul, and Sardinia, and some also from Ital
Just_18.7 transferred the war into Sardinia, they were defeated in
Just_22.5 were going to Italy or Sardinia for plunder, he landed
Just_29.2 the dominion of Sicily, Sardinia, and Spain, and finally
Plut:Mor_204 land, and sailed to Africa, Sardinia, and Sicily. Havin
Poseidon_91 1.54 (chapter 3.9) & The Sardinian Sea is the deepest sea

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