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  Cilicia   - a region on the south-east coast of Anatolia
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  + Cilician , Cilicians , Cilicum
318/33 Antigonus sends a force through Cilicia to attack Eumenes.
310/19 Demetrius defeats the generals of Ptolemy in Cilicia.
298/4 Demetrius seizes control of Cilicia.
260/3a lemaic governor, founds the city of Arsinoe on the coast of Cilicia.
204/12b RC_30, part of a letter of Ptolemy concerning Soli in Cilicia.
170/6b suppresses bandits in Mount Taurus, who have been ravaging Cilicia.
102/8 alks to eminent scholars at Athens, before travelling on to Cilicia.
95/7 Sulla, the propraetor of Cilicia, installs Ariobarzanes as king of
80/33 proquaestor to Dolabella in Cilicia, and loots various allied states
78/30 Scaurus after returning from Cilicia, and is convicted of extortion.
76/9 Servilius subdues Cilicia, and captures the cities of Attalis, Corycu
76/15a Tigranes settles Arabs in the region of Commagene and Cilicia.
75/28 neral comments on Servilius' campaigns against the Cilician pirates.
75/42 Servilius celebrates a triumph for his conquest of Cilicia.
74/15 The death of Octavius, the new Roman commander in Cilicia.
67/10 Pompeius proceeds to Cilicia, via Athens and Rhodes, where he listens
67/14 escaped to their bases in Cilicia, and captures over 800 of their
58/13 uls the provinces of Macedonia and Cilicia (later changed to Syria).
53/5 M.Brutus goes to Cilicia, after declining an invitation to serve
51/29 Cicero arrives in the province of Cilicia, at Laodiceia.
51/35 M.Brutus remain for some time in Cilicia, but fail to meet Cicero.
51/57 rates a triumph, for victories won while he was governor of Cilicia.
51/59 icero captures the stronghold of the Cilician rebels at Pindenissum.
50/11 rosecuted by Dolabella for his conduct in Cilicia, but is acquitted.
50/13 for Cicero's victories in Cilicia, despite the opposition of M.Cat
50/30 General comments on Cicero's conduct as governor of Cilicia.
44/135 persuades the inhabitants of Cilicia, including Tarsus, to support
39/5 Labienus out of Asia Minor, and defeats him near the Cilician Gates.
36/3 ibutes the territory of the kings in Cappadocia, Pontus and Cilicia.
    Within translations:
1Macc_11 lexander the king was in Cilicia at that time, because the
2Macc_4 urned from the region of Cilicia, the Jews in the city app
4Macc_4 Syria, Phoenicia, and Cilicia, and said [2Maccabees,
Aelian:NA_1.6 se. And at Soli in Cilicia a dog loved a boy of the name
Aelian:NA_12.29 inds; these also are rivers of Cilicia. And it must be the
AntipSid_7.246 the wild waves of the Cilician sea we lie, the many myr
AntipThes_9.557 { G-P 79 } & Tarsus, Cilician city, the runner Aries,
Arrian:Fr_1 was given to Laomedon; Cilicia to Philotas; Media to Pit
Arrian:Fr_9 Laomedon the Mytilenean; Cilicia to Philoxenus, who had
Arrian:Fr_10 arrived with his army in Cilicia with this intention, beca
Athen_5.194 and then three thousand Cilicians, armed in the fashion
Athen_5.213 as far as Pamphylia and Cilicia: and the kings of the Arm
Athen_13.595 all those who died in Cilicia, in defence of your domin
Athen_15.688 highest perfection at Soli in Cilicia, and at Rhodes. The
Athen_4.147 the Roman general, in Cilicia, speaks in the following
ChronPasc_436 Syria, Phoenicia, and Cilicia, and promised to provide
Cic:Brut_1 [1] & When I had left Cilicia, and arrived at Rhodes,
Cic:Brut_168 commanded under him in Cilicia, where he lost his life:
Cic:Brut_273 for I was then abroad in Cilicia) he likewise lost himself
Cic:Fam_12.12 and his forces have arrived in Cilicia. Cilicia will be
Cic:Phil_2.26 lished this same deed in Cilicia, at the mouth of the rive
Diod_34.2 the mean time, a Cilician called Cleon instigated anothe
Diod_36.5 Athenion, a valiant man, and a Cilician. This man, who was
Diod_37.16 ere was one Agamemnon, a Cilician, who on account of his
Diod_40.4 rabs, also Syria next to Cilicia, Judaea, Arabia, the prov
Diod_40.1a ia. After reaching Cilicia, they decided to bring back Phi
Euseb]:Chron_27 Greeks had arrived in Cilicia with the intention of fig
Euseb]:Chron_35 naval battle off the coast of Cilicia. He established a
Euseb]:Chron_247 capture, he was sent to Cilicia, and was kept in royal
Euseb]:Chron_259 the city called Mopsuestia in Cilicia, the victory went
ExcBarb_33B Deasander He assigned Cilicia and Isauria and all the
Festus:Brev.3 Judaea was conquered; Cilicia and Syria came into the
Festus:Brev.12 andit war, subjugated he Cilicians and the Isaurians, who
FGrH_255.6 Dareius in battle at Issus in Cilicia, and again defeated
Hieron:Chron_1995 Ar.] Pylades of Cilicia, a performer of mimes, was the
Joseph:AJ_13.86 an, brought him, and sailed to Cilicia. [87] This thing
Joseph:AJ_13.112 lled out of Antioch, came into Cilicia. [113] Ptolemy
Joseph:AJ_13.116 army, and came out of Cilicia into Syria, and burnt the
Joseph:AJ_13.145 his defeat, retired into Cilicia; but the child Antiochus
Joseph:AJ_13.374 oreigners of Pisidia and Cilicia; for as to the Syrians,
Joseph:AJ_14.79 legions, and then went away to Cilicia, and made haste to
Joseph:AJ_14.324 ia, Cleopatra met him in Cilicia, and brought him to fall
Joseph:BJ_01.88 aries, the Pisidians and Cilicians, assisted him; for as
Joseph:BJ_01.157 himself to go through Cilicia, in his way to Rome, havi
Joseph:BJ_1.428 the small cities about Cilicia, of those annual pensions
Just_11.11 got possession of Rhodes and Cilicia without an effort.
Just_37.1 assigned Lycaonia and Cilicia; and the Roman people
Just_39.5 oon afterwards Crete and Cilicia, being subdued in the war
Just_13.4 nce; and Philotas was allotted Cilicia. 13 Philon of Illyr
Just_13.6 given to Cleitus. Cilicia, being taken from Philotas, was
Just_40.2 lain hid in a corner of Cilicia, and now, when Tigranes
Malal_197 parates the countries of Cilicia and Syria; the river is
Malal_201 the city of Rhosus in Cilicia, which had been founded
Malal_* 210-213 * the mountain called Taurus in Cilicia. When Antiochus had
Malal_222 Egypt. Syria and Cilicia had already become subject to
Nicand:Al_400 which the headlands of Cilicia nourish by the brimming
OGIS_159 (142-131)   e association of the] (?) Cilicians stationed [in t
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   the Euphrates and of Cilicia and Pamphylia and Ioni
Plut:Demetr_20 ise the siege of Soli in Cilicia, desired he would show
Plut:Demetr_31 icular upon the coast of Cilicia, which had been given to
Plut:Demetr_32 seized the province of Cilicia, and sent Phila to her
Plut:Demetr_47 ntations Seleucus marched into Cilicia with a great army.
Plut:Demetr_48 made a feint of moving towards Cilicia. But afterwards in
Plut:Eum_4 Eumenes when he had reached Cilicia. The pretence was,
Plut:Eum_6 now sent Antipater into Cilicia, and taking a considerabl
Polyaen_4.6.16 about Syria, Phoenicia, Cilicia, Pamphylia, and even to
Polyaen_4.6.9 for Rhosus, a port of Cilicia, and charged with great
Polyaen_4.9.6 the barbarians, fled towards Cilicia. To conceal himself
Polyaen_8.23.1 Caesar was captured by some Cilician pirates near Malea
Porph:Fr_43 he conquered Syria and Cilicia and the Eastern regions
Porph:Fr_46 to Ptolemy, in Syria and Cilicia and Lycia. At that
Porph:Fr_47 only to possess Syria, Cilicia, Lycia, and the other pro
PsCallisth_2.6 of the barbarians by way of Cilicia. [7] & Then Darius
PsCallisth_2.8 as he journeyed through Cilicia, came to a river called
PsCallisth_2.11 the satraps of Syria and Cilicia and Cappadocia and Paphla
PsCallisth_3.32 ht, and, on reaching the Cilician Mountains, he awaited
PsCallisth_3.33 ians. He assigns Pamphylia and Cilicia to Antigonus. . .
Sall:Hist_2.44 aintained in Asia and in Cilicia because of the excessive
Sall:Hist_2.82 ither Gaul and Octavius taking Cilicia. Then the next cons
SEG_39.1426 (238-221)   y, being commander in Cilicia, occupied a strategic
SelPap_1.38 measure, a balance, a Cilician cloth, a cup-shaped
SelPap_2.314 in the quarter of the Cilicians ; in the 9th yea
SelPap_2.351 onius, registered in the Cilician quarter, huntsman
SelPap_2.401 red from cohort I Flavia Cilicum, in the centuria of C
StephByz_70 ribe of Parthians in India. In Cilicia. In Cyprus. By Moun
Vit:Arat_1 distinguished city in Cilicia, the home of many excelle
Vit:Arat_2 poet Aratus lived at Soli in Cilicia. His father was Ath

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