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  Jerusalem   - the capital city of Judaea
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318/5 Ptolemy captures Jerusalem.
301/28 Ptolemy captures Jerusalem.
217/34 Ptolemy visits Jerusalem, and attempts to enter the temple.
175/6 minister of Seleucus, visits Jerusalem, but is deterred from robbing
169/12 Lysimachus the brother of Menelaus is killed in a riot at Jerusalem.
169/30 Antiochus robs the temple at Jerusalem.
168/47 Antiochus captures Jerusalem, and massacres the inhabitants.
167/10 suppresses his opponents in Jerusalem, and establishes a garrison
167/36 the "abomination of the desolation" in the temple at Jerusalem.
167/37 sacrifices are performed at Jerusalem and throughout Judaea, with
164/6 desolation of the temple at Jerusalem, caused by Antiochus, lasts
164/7 Purification of the temple at Jerusalem.
163/24 terms with the defenders of Jerusalem, but afterwards pulls down the
161/9 terms with Judas, but makes threats against the temple at Jerusalem.
152/7 Demetrius frees the Jewish hostages in Jerusalem.
143/5 The Jews of Jerusalem appeal for help to the Jews of Egypt.
143/10 Jonathan restores the walls and fortifications of Jerusalem.
141/2 Simon captures Gazara and the citadel of Jerusalem.
134/17 Antiochus VII attacks Jerusalem.
64/6 besieged in the temple at Jerusalem, and Onias is stoned to death
63/41 Pompeius captures Jerusalem.
63/42 Pompeius enters the inner sanctuary of the temple at Jerusalem.
61/15 Flaccus prevents the Jews in Asia from sending money to Jerusalem.
53/6 sus seizes treasure from temples, including the temple at Jerusalem.
47/37 points his sons Phasael and Herodes to govern Jerusalem and Galilee.
39/12 Herodes re-enters Judaea, and joins Silo outside Jerusalem.
37/6 Herodes and Sosius start to besiege Jerusalem.
37/9 Herodes and Sosius capture Jerusalem.
    Within translations:
1Macc_1-3 *   hey built a gymnasium in Jerusalem, according to Gentile
1Macc_6-16 *   rected upon the altar in Jerusalem; and that they had surr
2Macc_1-15 *   The Jewish brethren in Jerusalem and those in the land
3Macc_1   he had arrived in Jerusalem, he offered sacrifice to the
3Macc_3   cities, we came on to Jerusalem also, and went up to
4Macc_4   to report that in the Jerusalem treasuries there are
4Macc_18   cestral customs, he left Jerusalem and marched against the
Aristeas_32   to the High Priest in Jerusalem, asking him to send six
Aristeas_35   were carried off from Jerusalem by the Persians at the
Aristeas_53   table already in the temple at Jerusalem. And when they
ChronPasc_421   became the 8th high priest at Jerusalem, for 15 years.
ChronPasc_425   leazar, who was high priest at Jerusalem. In order to tran
ChronPasc_429   became the 12th high priest at Jerusalem, for 22 years.
ChronPasc_432   prisoners were taken off to Jerusalem. There, on the
ChronPasc_433   became the 13th high priest at Jerusalem, for 24 years.
ChronPasc_436   ervisor of the temple at Jerusalem, was a political oppone
ChronPasc_440   became the 15th high priest at Jerusalem, for 7 years. In
ChronPasc_441   became the 16th high priest at Jerusalem, for 33 years.
ChronPasc_444   the king of Syria, attacked Jerusalem and began to besi
ChronPasc_448   became the 19th high priest at Jerusalem, for 27 years.
ChronPasc_452   became the 20th high priest at Jerusalem, for one year.
ChronPasc_453   time, attacked and besieged Jerusalem. He entered as
ChronPasc_464   Alexandria, and came to Jerusalem where he prostrated him
ChronPasc_508   ter the return from Babylon to Jerusalem: 1. Jesus the son
ChronPasc_509   ria in Egypt and came to Jerusalem, where he prostated him
ChronSynt_65-67 *   of Lagus, who captured Jerusalem by trickery and took
Diod_34.1   &   King Antiochus besieged Jerusalem. The Jews withsto
Diod_40.3   now most famous city, Jerusalem, and the temple there,
Eupolemus_2   the altar is built in Jerusalem, who commanded him not
Eupolemus_5   ead; and afterwards took Jerusalem, and made Jonachim, the
Euseb]:Chron_29   Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem and took Jewish captive
Euseb]:Chron_45   destroyed our temple at Jerusalem by fire, he removed our
Euseb]:Chron_49   efore that the temple at Jerusalem was attacked by the Bab
Euseb]:Chron_65   David], built the temple at Jerusalem. Laosthenes, for
Euseb]:Chron_69   ign, the temple at Jerusalem was rebuilt, after the first
Euseb]:Chron_99   uilding of the temple at Jerusalem, but he provides no evi
Euseb]:Chron_113-127 *   ians about the temple at Jerusalem, from Josephus I will
Euseb]:Chron_131   until the final siege of Jerusalem in the second year of
Euseb]:Chron_147   6 years - He captured Jerusalem, and took king Jehoahaz
Euseb]:Chron_155   men, and they called it Jerusalem." Now Manetho, in anoth
Euseb]:Chron_187   omon built the temple at Jerusalem, as will be shown in
ExcBarb_35A   ,156 years. The high priest at Jerusalem was the same Jann
ExcBarb_35B   ,176 years. The high priest in Jerusalem was Jaddus. At
ExcBarb_36A   ,344 years. The high priest at Jerusalem was another Onias
ExcBarb_47A   andria. He came to Jerusalem and worshipped the Lord God,
ExcBarb_47B   eneral Pompeius captured Jerusalem and entered as far as
ExcBarb_52A   orn, he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. When
Festus:Brev_16   captured, he obtained Jerusalem and made a treaty with
Hieron:Chron_1695   Lagus gained control of Jerusalem and Judaea by treachery
Hieron:Chron_1736   to Eleazar the high priest at Jerusalem. He ordered 70
Hieron:Chron_1833   charge of the temple at Jerusalem, fled to Apollonius the
Hieron:Chron_1848   Then he entered Jerusalem, and after despoiling the tem
Hieron:Chron_1885   invaded Judaea and besieged Jerusalem. After forcing
Hieron:Chron_1941   Alexander and became queen of Jerusalem. From her reign
Hieron:Chron_1950   Pompeius came to Jerusalem, captured the city, opened
Hieron:Chron_1954   Ar.] Pompeius captured Jerusalem and reduced the Jews
Hieron:Chron_1978   been no [legitimate] kings in Jerusalem. Herodes, who was
Hieron:Chron_1983   to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One,
Hieron:Chron_1998   ructed many great buildings in Jerusalem. 190.3 . [1999]
Hieron:Chron_2044   uilding of the temple at Jerusalem" - Ar.] which happened
Hieron:Chron_2048   first bishop of the church of Jerusalem. [not in Ar.] Cas
Hieron:Chron_2049   ews, to pay for an aqueduct at Jerusalem. This caused anot
Joseph:AJ_12.35   essels sent as gifts [to Jerusalem], and the construction
Joseph:AJ_12.60   ble which was already at Jerusalem, and how large it was,
Joseph:AJ_12.85   fts were sent by Ptolemy to Jerusalem, and dedicated
Joseph:AJ_12.87   elders that came from Jerusalem for the interpretation
Joseph:AJ_12.133   which was in the citadel of Jerusalem. [134] Wherefore
Joseph:AJ_12.136   temple which was called Jerusalem; concerning which, alth
Joseph:AJ_12.159   sent an ambassador to Jerusalem, and complained that
Joseph:AJ_12.160   tion among the people of Jerusalem, for gravity, prudence,
Joseph:AJ_12.171   had been ambassador at Jerusalem, and had been entertain
Joseph:AJ_12.222   the rest of them escaped to Jerusalem to their father.
Joseph:AJ_12.229   ermined not to return to Jerusalem any more, but seated
Joseph:AJ_12.241   to build them a Gymnasium at Jerusalem. And when he had
Joseph:AJ_12.246-248 *   edition against the city Jerusalem; and when he was there,
Joseph:AJ_12.265   of Joarib, and a citizen of Jerusalem. [266] He had fiv
Joseph:AJ_12.272   had in the citadel at Jerusalem, and pursued the Jews
Joseph:AJ_12.296   slaves, and utterly destroy Jerusalem, and abolish the
Joseph:AJ_12.316   they ought to go up to Jerusalem, and purify the temple,
Joseph:AJ_12.317   multitude, was come to Jerusalem, and found the temple
Joseph:AJ_12.359   plundering of the temple at Jerusalem. But we will not
Joseph:AJ_12.362   rrison in the citadel of Jerusalem, with the Jewish runaga
Joseph:AJ_12.375   the enemy, retired to Jerusalem, and prepared to endure
Joseph:AJ_12.377   But as for the temple of Jerusalem, he lay at its siege
Joseph:AJ_12.388   temple like to that at Jerusalem; of which therefore we
Joseph:AJ_12.397   as he was gone out of Jerusalem, and was at the village
Joseph:AJ_12.4-11 *   also seized upon Jerusalem, and for that end made use
Joseph:AJ_12.403-408 *   When Nicanor was come to Jerusalem, he did not resolve to
Joseph:AJ_12.421   made all the haste he could to Jerusalem. [422] And when
Joseph:AJ_13.14   sently to the citadel at Jerusalem, having lost about two
Joseph:AJ_13.17   also fortified the citadel at Jerusalem more than all the
Joseph:AJ_13.51   also that the city of Jerusalem be holy and inviolable,
Joseph:AJ_13.54   for worship but only that at Jerusalem. [55] I bequeath
Joseph:AJ_13.56   all fly to the temple at Jerusalem, or to the places there
Joseph:AJ_13.63   Egypt like to that at Jerusalem, and might ordain Levit
Joseph:AJ_13.67   the pattern of that in Jerusalem, and of the same dimens
Joseph:AJ_13.91   soldiers, he went out of Jerusalem in haste, with his brot
Joseph:AJ_13.101   and returned thence to Jerusalem with a great deal of
Joseph:AJ_13.105   eutherus, he returned again to Jerusalem. [106] But as Pto
Joseph:AJ_13.121   and attacked the citadel at Jerusalem, and besieged it.
Joseph:AJ_13.128   offered sacrifices in Jerusalem, and what are due from
Joseph:AJ_13.133   were in the citadel of Jerusalem, and of the Jewish dese
Joseph:AJ_13.142   ry, he sent them away to Jerusalem to Jonathan, with an
Joseph:AJ_13.153   sent these hostages to Jerusalem, while he went himself
Joseph:AJ_13.163   sand of the enemy, returned to Jerusalem. So when he saw
Joseph:AJ_13.181   ffairs, they returned to Jerusalem, where Jonathan gathere
Joseph:AJ_13.194   when the people of Jerusalem heard that Jonathan was taken
Joseph:AJ_13.197   saw that the people of Jerusalem were terrified at the
Joseph:AJ_13.202   but he himself staid to secure Jerusalem. [203] But Trypho
Joseph:AJ_13.207   olved to go afterward to Jerusalem by the way of Idumaea,
Joseph:AJ_13.208   though he would be at Jerusalem that very night; but
Joseph:AJ_13.215   ook the citadel of Jerusalem by siege, and cast it down
Joseph:AJ_13.256   that temple which was at Jerusalem, and which Alexander
Joseph:AJ_13.284   those Jews who were at Jerusalem and in Judaea were in
Joseph:AJ_13.285   Heliopolis, like to that at Jerusalem, as we have elsew
Joseph:AJ_13.364   eir city, he returned to Jerusalem, having spent a year
Joseph:AJ_13.375   thence he fled to Jerusalem, [376] where, besides his oth
Joseph:AJ_13.38-42 *   had shut up in the citadel of Jerusalem. [39] When this
Joseph:AJ_13.380   ower, he brought them to Jerusalem, and did one of the mos
Joseph:AJ_13.401   as upon a victory, to Jerusalem, and put some of her
Joseph:AJ_13.403   "when thou art come to Jerusalem, send for the leading
Joseph:AJ_13.424   only his wife, whom he left at Jerusalem with their childr
Joseph:AJ_13.72-79 *   God, like indeed to that in Jerusalem, but smaller and
Joseph:AJ_14.16   ances, returned to Hyrcanus to Jerusalem. A while afterwar
Joseph:AJ_14.19   desolate, and fled to Jerusalem; [20] upon which the
Joseph:AJ_14.74   acrity; [74] and he made Jerusalem tributary to the Romans
Joseph:AJ_14.77   misery which came upon Jerusalem were Hyrcanus and Arist
Joseph:AJ_14.82   to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, which Pompeius had ove
Joseph:AJ_14.85   to the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, where they fell upon
Joseph:AJ_14.103   ich belonged to the city Jerusalem, as was agreeable to
Joseph:AJ_14.158   eldest son, governor of Jerusalem, and of the places that
Joseph:AJ_14.161   made the inhabitants of Jerusalem bear him the greatest
Joseph:AJ_14.181   hindered him from assaulting Jerusalem. They also pacifi
Joseph:AJ_14.199-202 *   priests and priests of Jerusalem, and of the Jewish nati
Joseph:AJ_14.278   saelus had a garrison in Jerusalem, and Herodes had the
Joseph:AJ_14.294   Felix, who was left at Jerusalem with an army, made a
Joseph:AJ_14.299   hen he was come to Jerusalem, Hyrcanus and the people put
Joseph:AJ_14.334   men privately fell upon Jerusalem; and when some more wer
Joseph:AJ_14.344   arthians that were about Jerusalem, lest, upon the slaught
Joseph:AJ_14.363   Parthians plundered all Jerusalem, and the palace, and
Joseph:AJ_14.392   their camp very near to Jerusalem, and stripped Antigonus
Joseph:AJ_14.396   ehind him when he should go to Jerusalem. [397] And when
Joseph:AJ_14.397   tence for rising up from Jerusalem, and was thereupon purs
Joseph:AJ_14.400   Oresa, and then went on for Jerusalem. The soldiery als
Joseph:AJ_14.461   had presently gone to Jerusalem, as being very courageo
Joseph:AJ_14.465   army, and came near to Jerusalem, and pitched his camp
Joseph:AJ_14.469   together at the walls of Jerusalem, and encamped at the
Joseph:AJ_14.487   ction befell the city of Jerusalem when Marcus Agrippa and
Joseph:AJ_14.488   od, he marched away from Jerusalem, and carried Antigonus
Joseph:AJ_14.52-55 *   he retired in displeasure to Jerusalem, and made prepara
Joseph:AJ_14.90-93 *   he brought Hyrcanus to Jerusalem, and committed the care
Joseph:AJ_15.1   How Sossius and Herod took Jerusalem by force; and besides that,
Joseph:AJ_15.5   Herod, now he had got Jerusalem under his power, carried off
Joseph:AJ_15.57   The city also [ of Jerusalem ], upon the spreading of
Joseph:AJ_15.71   went around the city of Jerusalem among Herod's enemies, that Antony
Joseph:AJ_15.75   had brought with him from Jerusalem; and he soon induced him,
Joseph:AJ_15.168   stades from the borders of Jerusalem, [169] and he did therefore
Joseph:AJ_15.247   resided at this time at Jerusalem; and being informed what condition
Joseph:AJ_15.263   besieged the city of Jerusalem, where the distress and
Joseph:AJ_15.268   and built a theatre at Jerusalem, and also a very great
Joseph:AJ_15.282   who were citizens [ of Jerusalem ] conspired together against him,
Joseph:AJ_15.293   a day's journey distant from Jerusalem, and which would be useful
Joseph:AJ_15.320   one Simon, a citizen of Jerusalem, the son of one Boethus,
Joseph:AJ_15.324   This citadel is distant from Jerusalem about sixty stades It was
Joseph:AJ_15.405   when he once came to Jerusalem, and had been most magnificently
Joseph:AJ_20.230   which king Solomon erected at Jerusalem, were six hundred
Joseph:AJ_20.231   the high priesthood at Jerusalem, one m succession to
Joseph:AJ_20.236   in imitation of that at Jerusalem; [237] but as for that
Joseph:AJ_20.244   only took the city of Jerusalem by force, but put him
Joseph:BJ_1.8   hose great labours about Jerusalem will be deemed inglorio
Joseph:BJ_1.11   to pass, that our city Jerusalem had arrived at a higher
Joseph:BJ_1.19   named Epiphanes, took Jerusalem by force, and held it
Joseph:BJ_1.23   he was going to attack Jerusalem, was called back to tak
Joseph:BJ_1.33   built a city resembling Jerusalem, and a temple that was
Joseph:BJ_1.46   Antiochus went to Jerusalem, and staid there but a few
Joseph:BJ_1.61   aea, and sat down before Jerusalem and besieged Hyrcanus;
Joseph:BJ_1.63   itation of the temple at Jerusalem; he also took a great
Joseph:BJ_1.90   had made his escape to Jerusalem, he provoked the multit
Joseph:BJ_1.96   ty, he carried the captives to Jerusalem. [97] Nay, his
Joseph:BJ_1.126   onset, and was driven to Jerusalem; [127] he also had been
Joseph:BJ_1.137   was done, and retired to Jerusalem, and prepared to fight
Joseph:BJ_1.139   away the next morning to Jerusalem; but Aristobulus was
Joseph:BJ_1.154   ute upon the country, and upon Jerusalem itself. [155] He
Joseph:BJ_1.160   indeed he had come to Jerusalem, and had ventured to
Joseph:BJ_1.163   was come near to Jerusalem, he was forced to fight, and
Joseph:BJ_1.169-172 *   nius brought Hyrcanus to Jerusalem, and committed the care
Joseph:BJ_1.178   Gabinius came to Jerusalem, and settled the government
Joseph:BJ_1.179   longing to the temple of Jerusalem, in order to furnish
Joseph:BJ_1.203   Phasaelus, governor of Jerusalem, and of the parts about
Joseph:BJ_1.206   of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, by his own management
Joseph:BJ_1.214   lic court, and led it to Jerusalem, in order to throw Hyrc
Joseph:BJ_1.224   who was the guardian of Jerusalem, and Herodes who was
Joseph:BJ_1.229   festival, he returned to Jerusalem, having his armed men
Joseph:BJ_1.236   nother sedition arose at Jerusalem, wherein Felix assaulte
Joseph:BJ_1.240   tigonus, and returned to Jerusalem, beloved by every body
Joseph:BJ_1.245   greater tumult arose at Jerusalem; so they sent again a
Joseph:BJ_1.250   ran after them as far as Jerusalem, and as their numbers
Joseph:BJ_1.258   zure of Herodes first at Jerusalem, because if he were onc
Joseph:BJ_1.268   As for the Parthians in Jerusalem, they betook themselves
Joseph:BJ_1.273   put the government of Jerusalem into the hands of Antig
Joseph:BJ_1.289   his camp very near to Jerusalem, as soon as he had got
Joseph:BJ_1.292   hat when he should go to Jerusalem, no fortress might be
Joseph:BJ_1.294   ssa, and then marched to Jerusalem, where the soldiers tha
Joseph:BJ_1.339   marched immediately to Jerusalem, unless he tad been hin
Joseph:BJ_1.343   off, Herodes marched to Jerusalem, and brought his army
Joseph:BJ_1.345   ried Mariamme, he came back to Jerusalem with a greater
Joseph:BJ_1.357   and then went away from Jerusalem, leading Antigonus away
Joseph:BJ_1.418   ated a tower that was at Jerusalem, and called it by the
Joseph:BJ_1.419   was sixty stades distant from Jerusalem, by the same name
Joseph:BJ_1.432   son, and who was born at Jerusalem, whose name was Doris,
Joseph:BJ_1.562   By Cleopatra, a native of Jerusalem, he had Herod and Philip
Joseph:BJ_1.581   had the corpse conveyed to Jerusalem, gave orders for a solemn
Malal_206   When the Jews in Jerusalem learned of this, they agreed
Malal_207   the temple and refounded Jerusalem, celebrating a Passover
MegTaan_2   edication of the wall of Jerusalem, and it is forbidden
MegTaan_3   were removed from Judah and Jerusalem. [Zeitlin suggest
MegTaan_6   edication of the wall of Jerusalem, on which it is forbidd
MegTaan_11   ochus (the king) departed from Jerusalem. & [12] The 8th
MegTaan_12   building of the wall of Jerusalem; it is forbidden to mou
Oros_6.6   army against the city of Jerusalem and against the Jews, over
Oros_6.13   riches of the Temple at Jerusalem that Pompey had left untouched,
Oros_6.18   who, after the capture of Jerusalem, had despoiled the Temple and
Oros_7.9   and destroyed the Temple at Jerusalem, which, from the day of
Oros_7.13   be permitted to enter Jerusalem and that only Christians
Oros_7.2-6 *   their liberty, returned to holy Jerusalem, and rebuilt the Temple of
Plin:HN_5.70   district that formerly contained Jerusalem, by far the most
Plin:HN_5.72   at one time next to Jerusalem the most important fortress in
Plin:HN_5.73   of Engada, second only to Jerusalem in the fertility of its
Plin:HN_6.213   Babylon, Idumaea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Jope, Caesarea,
Plut:Mor_184   When he besieged Jerusalem, the Jews, in respect of thei
Porph:Fr_46   Scopas in the citadel of Jerusalem with the help of the
Porph:Fr_51   in the temple at Jerusalem an image of Olympian Zeus and
Porph:Fr_53   to be set up in the temple at Jerusalem . . . Polybius
Porph:Fr_57   Jews and capture the city of Jerusalem. Josephus, the
Porph:Fr_49a   after Seleucus and captured Jerusalem. The persecution
THI_136   (2nd century) of Leon, and Nikētas of Jerusalem, son of Jason -  

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