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  Vergilius   (P. Vergilius Maro) - Roman poet, often called Virgil in English; 1st century B.C.
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  + Maro , Virgil , Virgilius
70/26 The birth of the poet P.Vergilius Maro, in a village near Mantua.
58/27 C.Vergilius warns Cicero not to cross to Sicily.
58/72 The poet Vergilius starts studying at a school in Cremona.
55/41 Vergilius moves from Cremona to Mediolanum.
54/62 [Verg]:Cat_, the Catalepton and other juvenile poems of Vergilius
47/71 The poet Vergilius makes a speech in a court case, on only one occa
46/96a mentioning the intention of Vergilius to write a poem about Aeneias
42/45 Vergilius starts to write his first major book of poetry, the Eclog
42/46 Vergilius starts to write his first major book of poetry, the Eclogue
41/7 The poet Vergilius suffers hardship when his family's land is confisc
40/33 The birth of a baby, said by Vergilius to usher in a new era of peace
38/21 Verg:Ecl_, the Eclogues of Vergilius.
37/7 The poets Horatius, Vergilius and Varius accompany Maecenas on a jour
37/22 Vergilius starts to write the Georgics.
30/47 Verg:Georg_, the Georgics of Vergilius.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_452 Moses and our prophets wrote". Virgilius was born. [453'A]
Diod_40.6 of more. [6] & Vergilius, Lucian and Galen mention thi
Ennius:Ann_51 thy hallowed stream' [Vergilius, Aen_8'72]; Ennius in
Ennius:Ann_58 : [on bipatentibus in Vergilius] : - with twin openings
Ennius:Ann_59 dotted with blazing stars' [Vergilius, Aen_4'482]. Enni
Ennius:Ann_62 [on 'sancte deorum' in Vergilius, Aen_4'576] We must eit
Ennius:Ann_71 whole of this passage [Vergilius, Aen_8'630] is certainl
Ennius:Ann_78 : MACROBIUS : [quoting Vergilius, Aen_8'150]] 'Give and
Ennius:Ann_79 hid the moon in a black mist' [Vergilius, Aen_3'597]. Enni
Ennius:Ann_102 : MACROBIUS : [quoting Vergilius, Aen_9'420] 'Meanwhile
Ennius:Ann_106 ndus is a coined word of Vergilius; but in the Annales we
Ennius:Ann_* 143-145 * SERVIUS , on clangor in Vergilius : States are generally
Ennius:Ann_151 : PROBUS , on anima in Vergilius [Ecl_6'32] : 'Air' is
Ennius:Ann_157 the chill of death' in Vergilius [Aen_6'219] : a line
Ennius:Ann_* 160-164 * with javelins on all sides' [Vergilius, Aen_7'520]. Enni
Ennius:Ann_171 bris flows with gentle train' [Vergilius, Aen_2'782]. Inde
Ennius:Ann_173 great war from end to end,' in Vergilius [Aen_9'528] : tha
Ennius:Ann_180 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_7'625] : 'Through
Ennius:Ann_181 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_6'179] : 'They went into
Ennius:Ann_198 ing in pride of soul' in Vergilius [Aen_5'473] : Ennius
Ennius:Ann_* 204-207 * ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_8'596] : 'The four-foote
Ennius:Ann_236 shell-dye of Sarra' in Vergilius [Georg_2'506] : By shel
Ennius:Ann_239 ERVIUS auctus : By 'box' Vergilius [Georg_2'449] meant the
Ennius:Ann_* 253-256 * ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_12'565] : 'Let there be
Ennius:Ann_* 281-284 * ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius {Aen_12'284] : 'And a shower
Ennius:Ann_293 ounsels for the better' [Vergilius, Aen_1'281] because in
Ennius:Ann_294 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_2'265] : 'They rushed
Ennius:Ann_317 slain ? : MACROBIUS : Vergilius inserted into his work
Ennius:Ann_332 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'Atlas on his shoulde
Ennius:Ann_349 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'When captured, could
Ennius:Ann_374 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'Smooth glides the
Ennius:Ann_375 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : ' Looking down on the
Ennius:Ann_380 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'Then the battle-fiel
Ennius:Ann_387 are other passages [in Vergilius], consisting of several
Ennius:Ann_393 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_12'552] : 'They
Ennius:Ann_401 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_3'585] : 'Nor was
Ennius:Ann_403 tus, reading ore fave in Vergilius : 'Come close with the
Ennius:Ann_409 attacks : MACROBIUS : Vergilius has certain passages
Ennius:Ann_424 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'Then a cold sweat came flo
Ennius:Ann_425 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'Still the darting lance
Ennius:Ann_429 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius : 'The four-footed beat of
Ennius:Ann_430 : MACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_2'416] : 'As from
Ennius:Ann_433 ACROBIUS , quoting Vergilius [Aen_11'745] : 'Uproars to
Ennius:Ann_440 & & [phrases copied by Vergilius in the fifth book of
Ennius:Ann_443 [443-4] SCHOLIAST , on Vergilius' 'even as when teams
Ennius:Ann_450 gods and men [450-51] Vergilius Aen_1'254] : The beget
Ennius:Ann_456 ands, [456] SERVIUS , on Vergilius' 'making decision with
Ennius:Ann_457 RVIUS , on cum vomere in Vergilius [Georg_2'474] : Cum is
Ennius:Ann_460 strength into the winds' in Vergilius [Aen_1'69] : .
Ennius:Ann_473 [473] SERVIUS , on Vergilius' [Aen_11'27] - whom, lacking
Ennius:Ann_485 ERVIUS auctus , on Vergilius, 'Not when conquered can they
Ennius:Ann_491 on 'Armed in iron' in Vergilius [Aen_9'675] : Either
Ennius:Ann_492 the midst of spears' in Vergilius [Aen_5'37] : Ennius has
Ennius:Ann_496 raying many a prayer' in Vergilius [Aen_12'294] : Ennius
Ennius:Ann_* 501-504 * 01-2] SERVIUS , on Vergilius' 'You, Larides, your severed
Ennius:Ann_510 ile. [510] SERVIUS auctus , on Vergilius : Temere . . .
Ennius:Ann_513 olumn upon the plains in Vergilius [Aen_4'404] : a half-li
Ennius:Ann_517 ngs out white froth, and Vergilius : 'As when, tether burs
Ennius:Ann_523 gates' [Aen_9'37], in Vergilius : 'The enemy is here.'
Ennius:Ann_525 auctus , on quianam in Vergilius [Aen_10'6] : Quianam,
Ennius:Ann_534 irth to the neighing horse' in Vergilius [Georg_1'12] :
Ennius:Ann_536 peaceful dwellings' in Vergilius [Aen_6'705] : Praenatat
Ennius:Ann_540 40] SERVIUS : Explebo numerum [Vergilius, Aen_6'545] . .
Ennius:Ann_541 41] SCHOLIAST , on Vergilius' 'And father Portunus himself
Ennius:Ann_547 us. SCHOLIAST , on Vergilius [Georg_2'42] : 'Not all of
Ennius:Ann_550 [550] SERVIUS , on Vergilius' 'He wakened cruel slaughter
Ennius:Ann_552 ERVIUS , on a passage in Vergilius [Aen_9'163] : They tilt
Ennius:Ann_* 558-564 * rays. Servius, on Vergilius' 'when they have rolled the
Hieron:Chron_1948 1948] [not in Ar.] Vergilius Maro was born in a town calle
Hieron:Chron_1959 180.3 . [1959] [not in Ar.] Vergilius was educated at
Hieron:Chron_1964 1964] [not in Ar.] Vergilius started to wear the toga, and
Hieron:Chron_1982 M.Varius, the poet whom Vergilius mentions in his Bucolic
Hieron:Chron_1985 C.Cornelius Gallus, whom Vergilius mentions in the Bucolic
Hieron:Chron_1994 lius of Cremona, the friend of Vergilius and Horatius, die
Hieron:Chron_1999 1999] [not in Ar.] Vergilius died at Brundisium, in the
Hieron:Chron_2000 Tucca, the associates of Vergilius and Horatius, were cons
Hieron:Chron_2030 who is also mentioned by Vergilius, was tortured and kille
Malal_216 year. At this time Vergilius, the learned poet of the Roma
Malal_220 leopatra, as the learned Vergilius has written in the "Mak
Naev:Pun_5 country's shores,' in Vergilius : Our poet loves to rep
Naev:Pun_8 'I marvelling find' in Vergilius : Naevius in the first
Naev:Pun_13 SERVIUS supplemented, on Vergilius : The whole of this pas
Naev:Pun_17 embles high Prochyta' in Vergilius : Naevius says that
Naev:Pun_25 25-6] MACROBIUS, quoting Vergilius : ' Whom the grateful
Plinius:Ep_3.7 especially the busts of Virgil, whose birthday he kept
Plinius:Ep_5.3 eminent place to Publius Vergilius, Cornelius Nepos, and
Plinius:Ep_5.6 arms of Achilles, and Virgil the arms of Aeneas - yet

  Vergilius 2   (C. Vergilius) - Roman praetor, 62 B.C.
Schol:Bob_87 to serve as quaestor, under C.Vergilius. He did not despi

  Vergilius 3   (M. Vergilius) - tribune of the plebs, 87 B.C.
Cic:Brut_179 His brother, M. Vergilius, who when he was a tribune

  Vergilius   - in documents
CIL_1.1204 CIL_1 .1204 Latin Text Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces.

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