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  Hannibal   - Carthaginian commander in Sicily; killed in 258 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
269/15 The Carthaginian general Hannibal persuades the Mamertines not to sur
263/12 Crassus punishes some troops who had been defeated by Hannibal.
260/2 sina is trapped and captured by the Carthaginian commander Hannibal.
260/6 Hannibal narrowly escapes from the main Roman fleet.
259/3 Hannibal is removed from the command of the Carthaginian navy, but
258/7 The Carthaginian commander Hannibal is defeated by Sulpicius in Sardi
    Within translations:
CIL_1.25   rthaginians in the presence of Hannibal their commande
Oros_4.7   operations, substituting him for Hannibal in the defence of
Oros_4.8   the Carthaginians put the elder Hannibal in charge of the fleet.
Oros_5.16   against them. Following Hannibal's clever plan of
ValMax_7.3e.7   piece of cunning. The elder Hannibal, after being defeated by the

  Hannibal 2   - son of Hamilcar; Carthaginian commander in Sicily, 250 B.C.
250/15 Hannibal the son of Hamilcar arrives at Lilybaeum with reinforcements
250/17 Hannibal sails from Lilybaeum to Drepana.
    Within translations:
Naev:Pun_49   brought to Lilybaeum by Hannibal in 250 B.C.? (book V?)
Oros_4.10   defeated after the arrival of Hannibal, the son of Hamilcar. They

  Hannibal 3   the Rhodian - captain of a Carthaginian ship, 250 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
250/18 Hannibal "the Rhodian" slips through the Roman blockade and sails int

  Hannibal 4   - Carthaginian general in the Mercenary War; killed in 238 B.C.
238/10 Mathus defeats and kills the Carthaginian general Hannibal.

  Hannibal 5   - son of Hamilcar; Carthaginian commander in the Second Punic War
Wikipedia entry
  + Hannibalic
247/15 The birth of Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian general.
237/8 Hannibal the son of Hamilcar swears an oath of enmity to Rome.
224/17 Hanno attempts to prevent Hannibal from joining the Carthaginian army
221/18 Hannibal develops his skills as a soldier and officer while serving
221/20 sdrubal is assassinated, and Hannibal is appointed to be the new Cart
221/23 The Barcid faction at Carthage appeals to Hannibal for help.
221/24 Hannibal subdues the Olcades.
220/20 Hannibal attacks the Vaccaei and captures the city of Salmantica.
220/26 Hannibal defeats the Carpetani.
219/1 Roman embassy to Hannibal at Carthago Nova.
219/2 attacked by Saguntum, and Hannibal sends their envoys to Carthage
219/7 Hannibal starts to besiege Saguntum.
219/9 Hannibal is wounded at Saguntum.
219/18 Hannibal breaches a wall at Saguntum.
219/27 Hannibal refuses to receive a Roman embassy.
219/28 Hannibal subdues two rebellious tribes, the Oretani and Carpetani.
219/37 son is born to Hannibal.
219/38 Hannibal captures Saguntum.
219/39 Hannibal "re-founds" Saguntum.
218/9 Hannibal makes preparations for his expedition at Gades.
218/14 Hannibal leaves Carthago Nova.
218/21 Hannibal crosses the river Ebro.
218/26 Hannibal extracts silver from deep mines in Spain.
218/27 General comments on Hannibal's conquests in Spain.
218/28 Hannibal crosses the Pyrenees.
218/29 Hannibal wins over the Gauls at Iliberris.
218/31 Hannibal crosses the river Rhone.
218/32 pio returns to Italy, after discovering that he has missed Hannibal.
218/33 Hannibal reaches "the Island".
218/34 Hannibal defeats the Allobroges.
218/42 Hannibal leads his army up into the Alps.
218/43 Hannibal descends from the Alps.
218/44 Hannibal arrives in Italy, and defeats the Taurini.
218/51 Hannibal comes into contact with the Roman forces under P.Scipio.
218/52 Hannibal defeats Scipio in a skirmish near the river Ticinus.
218/54 nts of Cisalpine Gaul enter into a treaty of alliance with Hannibal.
218/56 joins Scipio, and defeats Hannibal's Gallic allies in a skirmish.
218/57 Hannibal defeats the Roman consuls by the river Trebia.
217/4 Hannibal makes an unsuccessful attack on Placentia.
217/5 Hannibal retires to winter quarters in Cisalpine Gaul.
217/6 Hannibal crosses the Apennines.
217/8 The new consuls make preparations for fighting against Hannibal.
217/10 Hannibal follows a difficult route through marshes into Etruria.
217/16 Hannibal devastates the countryside in Etruria.
217/17 The Carthaginians demand Hannibal's son for a human sacrifice.
217/20 Hannibal defeats and kills Flaminius at Lake Trasimene.
217/28 Hannibal advances to the Adriatic coast and rests his army in Picenum
217/30 Fabius declines to enter a set battle with Hannibal.
217/31 Hannibal crosses to Campania, which he lays waste.
217/32 Hannibal is trapped by Fabius near Falernum, but escapes.
217/44 Fabius saves Minucius from defeat by Hannibal.
216/2 Hannibal asks for reinforcements from Carthage, but receives none.
216/3 Roman preparations for continuing the war against Hannibal.
216/9 Anna appears to Hannibal.
216/10 Hannibal captures Cannae.
216/20 The Roman army marches to confront Hannibal.
216/23 Hannibal destroys the Roman army at Cannae; Paullus is killed in the
216/32 Roman allies in southern Italy start to desert to Hannibal.
216/34 Hannibal invades the territory of Neapolis.
216/35 Capua goes over to Hannibal.
216/36 Hannibal removes Decius Magius, a prominent supporter of the Romans,
216/39 Hannibal captures Nuceria.
216/40 Hannibal unsuccessfully attacks Nola.
216/41 Hannibal fails to capture Casilinum.
216/42 Hannibal begins the siege of Petelia.
216/43 Hannibal defeats the dictator Junius.
216/44 Hannibal takes his army back to Capua for the winter.
215/5 Hannibal captures Petelia.
215/22 alliance is agreed between Hannibal and Philippus of Macedonia.
215/24 Roman prisoner of Hannibal is sent to fight alone against an elepha
215/26 Hannibal fails to capture Cumae, after Gracchus comes to its defence.
215/29 alliance is agreed between Hannibal and Hieronymus, the grandson
215/31 The senate debates the alliance between Hannibal and Philippus.
215/35 Samnite embassy asks Hannibal to protect them against Roman raids.
215/36 Marcellus repels an attack by Hannibal on Nola.
215/40 Hannibal and Gracchus retire to winter quarters.
214/9 Hannibal devastates Campania and attacks Nola, but fails to capture
214/26 Hannibal advances to Tarentum.
213/22 Hannibal captures Tarentum, though the citadel is still held by a Rom
212/15 Hannibal defeats M.Centenius in Lucania.
212/16 Hannibal defeats the praetor Cn.Fulvius near Herdonea.
211/8 Hannibal attacks the Roman army at Capua, but fails to dislodge it.
211/19 Hannibal marches on Rome.
211/20 storm ends a battle between Hannibal and the Romans near Rome.
210/17 Hannibal defeats and kills the proconsul Cn.Fulvius near Herdonea.
210/18 indecisive battle between Hannibal and Marcellus near Numistro.
209/6 Indecisive fighting between Hannibal and Marcellus near Canusium.
208/1 onsuls are given joint command of the war against Hannibal in Italy.
208/10 Hannibal adopts new methods of fortifying camps, to guard against att
208/13 are caught in an ambush by Hannibal near Venusia; Marcellus is kill
208/14 Hannibal relieves Locri, after failing to trick his way into Salapia.
208/20 new consuls prepare to meet Hannibal and his brother Hasdrubal at
207/6 battle between Hannibal and Nero at Grumentum.
207/11 News of the battle of Metaurus reaches Hannibal.
206/11 ountryside of Bruttium, but takes no direct action against Hannibal.
205/5 Hannibal is forced to remain mostly inactive by an epidemic in his
205/15 The Romans recapture Locri, despite a counter-attack by Hannibal.
204/19 Indecisive fighting in Bruttium between Hannibal and Sempronius.
203/19 Hannibal falls in love with a prostitute from Salapia.
203/20 Hannibal is warned in a dream not to steal a column from the temple
203/21 The devastation caused by Hannibal's long stay in Italy.
203/22 Hannibal is ordered by the Carthaginians to leave Italy, and sails
203/25 Fabius is awarded a crown of grass for saving Rome from Hannibal.
203/27 on the character of Fabius, and his role in the defeat of Hannibal.
202/11 Scipio and Hannibal hold a conference on the night before joining in
202/12 Scipio defeats Hannibal at Zama.
202/19 Stratagems employed by Hannibal during the Second Punic War.
202/20 or are captured and sold into slavery by Hannibal during the war.
202/21 The perseverance and skilful leadership of Hannibal during the war.
202/24 The Romans punish the Bruttii for their support of Hannibal.
200/24 Sosyl_, the fragments of Sosylus' book about Hannibal.
196/13 Hannibal as sufete reforms the Carthaginian government and finances.
195/1 Hannibal is forced to leave Carthage.
193/7 Hannibal sends Ariston of Tyre on a secret mission to Carthage.
192/27 olds a council at Demetrias; Hannibal is present, but Antiochus fails
190/15 odians defeat a Syrian fleet led by Hannibal and Apollonius at Side.
189/27 uses to attack as advised by Hannibal, because a sacrificial offering
189/28 Hannibal is unimpressed by a lecture on military matters given by a
189/29 Hannibal leaves Antiochus and goes via Crete to Armenia, where Artaxi
186/12 Hannibal is allowed by Prusias to settle in Bithynia.
183/26 Hannibal defeats the fleet of Eumenes by throwing pots full of poison
183/27 Hannibal founds the city of Prusa in Bithynia.
183/28 comments on the character of Hannibal, his brilliance as a general
183/29 Hannibal commits suicide after being surrounded by soldiers belonging
Appian,- APPIAN, Hannibalica

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