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  Brundisium   - a port in south-east Italy; the modern Brindisi
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267/8 Regulus defeats the Sallentini, and captures Brundisium.
244/7 The Romans found a colony at Brundisium.
191/3 Acilius crosses over to Greece from Brundisium.
171/8 Crassus sets out for Brundisium, to cross to Greece.
168/11 Paullus sets sail from Brundisium for Corcyra.
167/35 Eumenes arrives at Brundisium, but he returns home after the Roman
159/5 Charops of Epirus dies at Brundisium after appearing before the Roman
83/3 Sulla crosses over from Greece and arrives at Brundisium.
71/9 Spartacus withdraws towards Brundisium.
62/31 Pompeius arrives at Brundisium, and dismisses his army.
58/30 journey down to Vibo, and then across southern Italy to Brundisium.
58/31 a letter from Cicero to his wife Terentia, written at Brundisium.
57/25 Cicero arrives at Brundisium.
54/6 Crassus sails from Brundisium with his army, and proceeds through Gal
51/15 two letters from Cicero to Appius Claudius, written at Brundisium.
51/20 Atticus, written during Cicero's journey from Brundisium to Athens.
50/45 Atticus and Tiro, written on the journey from Athens to Brundisium.
49/18 Pompeius withdraws towards Brundisium.
49/21 The consuls leave Brundisium, and sail over to Greece.
49/22 Caesar arrives at Brundisium, and attempts to obstruct the harbour
49/24 Pompeius leaves Brundisium, and sails over to Greece.
48/1 Caesar sets sail from Brundisium, and lands with his army in Epirus.
48/15 forces Libo, the admiral of Pompeius, to withdraw from Brundisium.
48/17 M.Antonius sails over from Brundisium to Lissus with the remainder
48/64 Cicero returns to Brundisium, and Antonius arrives there shortly afte
48/71 c:Att_11.5-6, letters from Cicero to Atticus, written at Brundisium.
48/77 c:Att_11.7-8, letters from Cicero to Atticus, written at Brundisium.
47/6 _11.9-10, two letters from Cicero to Atticus, written at Brundisium.
47/54 Cicero meets Caesar at Brundisium, and is treated with respect.
44/108 command of the army in Macedonia, and summons it back to Brundisium.
44/117 Antonius leaves Rome to join the legions at Brundisium.
44/129 from Antonius to Octavianus, while marching from Brundisium to Rome.
44/45 Octavianus arrives at Brundisium, and takes on the name of Caesar.
42/20 and Octavianus sail with their army from Brundisium to Macedonia.
41/10 Domitius attacks Brundisium with his fleet.
40/16 Antonius sails to Italy, and attempts to capture Brundisium.
40/23 econciled with Octavianus at Brundisium, and agrees to marry his sist
38/8 Antonius sails to Brundisium, but leaves soon afterwards as Octavianu
37/7 Vergilius and Varius accompany Maecenas on a journey to Brundisium.
31/4 Octavianus sails from Brundisium to Corcyra, but is forced to withdra
30/1 ctavianus quells a mutiny at Brundisium and allocates land in Italy
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_15.17   having stayed at Brundisium until now, I strongly approv
CIL_10.5159   be a response to the Pact of Brundisium in that y
DioCass_fr.49   those who sailed from Brundisium, sent envoys to Agron,
Ennius:Ann_542   ething quite different - Brundisium, surrounded by a beaut
Hieron:Chron_1863   [not in Ar.] Pacuvius of Brundisium, the writer of tragedi
Hieron:Chron_1999   Ar.] Vergilius died at Brundisium, in the consulship of
Joseph:AJ_14.378   and came to the port of Brundisium; [379] and when he was
Joseph:BJ_1.281   his friends sailed to Brundisium, and went thence to
Just_3.4   popular tumult, went to Brundisium, whither the former
Just_12.2   lians, at that time, was Brundisium, which a party of Aeto
NicDam_130.51   he set sail for Brundisium, for he had now learned that
NicDam_130.57   experience, and set out from Brundisium for Rome. [19.]
NicDam_130.122   Rome and went down as far as Brundisium to meet them.
NicDam_130.129   fterward, he set out for Brundisium to take over the army
NicDam_130.139   telligence and daring to Brundisium, to see if they could
Obseq_68   into the Julian family, at Brundisium. When at the third hour
OGIS_456.A   (c. 20) . . and Aktion and Brundisium and Tarraco and Ma[ssalia .
Oros_6.18   after he had returned to Brundisium. When he warded off her
Oros_6.19   30 B.C. went to Brundisium where he assigned different
Plut:Mor_206   a tedious passage from Brundisium to Dyrrachium, unknown
Polyaen_8.24.7   tioned at an island near Brundisium, ready to dispute his
ValMax_3.7.9   his journey as far as Brundisium, where being informed by letters
ValMax_5.1.1   himself put in sick at Brundisium. As soon as the Senate
ValMax_6.6.5   quaestor to escort them to Brundisium, lest they should receive any
ValMax_9.8.2   the legions to cross from Brundisium to Apollonia, he left his

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