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Macareus Maccabaeus Maccabees Macedonia Macedonicus
Macella Macer Machaeras Machaerus Machanidas
Machaon Machares Machatas Machon Macrinus
Maeander Maecenas Maedi Maenian Maenius
Maeones Maeotians Maeotis Magaba Magas
Magi Magius Magna Magnentius Magnesia
Magnus Mago Magus Magydus Mahalalel
Maharbal Maia Malaca Malchus Malea
Malians Malichus Malla Malleolus Malli
Mallius Mallus Malta Maltese Maltinus
Maluginensis Malus Mamaea Mamercinus Mamercus
Mamertines Mamilia Mamilian Mamilius Mamurra
Manasseh Manasses Mancinus Mandonius Mandri
Mandroclidas Manetho Mania Manilia Manilius
Manius Manlius Mantias Mantineia Mantitheus
Mantua Marathon Marathus Marcellinus Marcellus
Marcia Marcianus Marcius Marcomanni Marcus
Mardi Mardonius Margiani Margus Mariamme
Mariandyni Marion Marissa Marius Marmar
Marmor Maro Maroneia Marpesia Marrucini
Mars Marsi Marsyas Martius Marullus
Mary Masada Masannasa Masinissa Maso
Massagetae Massilia Massiva Massylii Masurius
Mater Matho Mathus Matius Mattathias
Matthias Matuta Mauretania Mausolus Mavors
Maxentius Maxima Maximianus Maximinus Maximus
Maxumus Mazares Mecheir Meda Medaba
Mede Medeia Medeius Medeon Medes
Media Mediolanum Medion Mediterranean Meditrinalia
Medius Medon Medullia Medullinus Medus
Medusa Megabazus Megacleides Megacles Megalensia
Megalopolis Megapenthes Megara Megartas Megasthenes
Megellus Megistonous Meidias Melampus Melanippe
Melanippus Melanthius Melanthus Melas Meleager
Meles Melicertes Melissa Melission Melissus
Melita Melitaea Melite Melitene Melos
Memmius Memnon Memorabilia Memphis Memphites
Mena Menaechmus Menalces Menalcidas Menander
Menapii Menas Menches Mende Mendes
Menecles Menecrates Menedemus Menelaus Menes
Menesaechmus Menestheus Menippus Meniscus Mennaeus
Menodorus Menodotus Menoeceus Menoites Menon
Menophanes Menophilus Mens Mentor Menyllus
Mercenary Mercurius Merenda Merodach Meroe
Merope Merula Merv Mesalla Mesambria
Mescinius Mesembria Mesopotamia Mesore Messalina
Messalla Messana Messapia Messene Messenia
Messius Metageitnion Metagenes Metaneira Metapa
Metapontum Metaurus Metella Metellus Methana
Methone Methuselah Methydrion Methymna Metilia
Meton Metradates Metrocles Metrodorus Metroon
Metrophanes Metropolis Mevania Mezentius Micinas
Micion Micipsa Micon Midas Middle
Milesius Miletus Milo Milon Miltiades
Milto Milvian Mimas Mimnermus Minatius
Mindarus Mindius Minerva Minoa Minor
Minos Minturnae Minucia Minucius Minutius
Minyans Mirvan Misenum Mishael Misphragmuthosi
Mithras Mithres Mithridates Mithridatic Mitylene
Mizraim Mnaseas Mnasion Mnasitheus Mnason
Mnemon Mnesicles Mnesidemus Mnesiptolemus Mnesistratus
Mnesitheus Mnevis Moab Modin Moerichus
Moesia Moesians Moloch Molon Molossians
Molossus Mondaea Monimus Mons Montanus
Moors Mopsuestia Mordecai Morgantina Morini
Moschion Moschus Moses Mother Mothone
Mountain-mother Mucia Mucian Mucianus Mucii
Mucius Mugillanus Mummius Munatia Munatius
Munda Munichion Munius Munychia Munychion
Muranum Murcus Murena Murgantines Mus
Musa Musaeus Muse Museium Muses
Mutilus Mutina Myania Mycale Mycenae
Myconos Mylae Mylasa Myndus Myonnesus
Myrina Myris Myrleia Myrmidon Myrmidons
Myron Myronides Myrrhina Myrrhinus Myrrhinutta
Myrtilus Mys Mysia Myson Mysta
Mysteries Mytilene Myttistratum Myus

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